Banish Dark Circles and Puffiness Around Your Eyes Permanently

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest on our whole body. This delicate film of skin protects two of the most fragile and utilized parts of our body, and thus, it is important to properly care for your eyes. Because of our skin's constant exposure to the elements, the area around our eyes can be detrimentally effected. Puffiness and dark circles around the eyes are common and are caused by many different factors. Nowadays, there are many ways to aid the rejuvenation of our most delicate skin.

Puffiness around the eyes is a common problem for many people, and they flare up for several reasons. Common causes are eye irritations like allergies and crying. When we cry, stress is placed on the skin around the eyes and can cause it to redden and swell. Also, hormone changes and stress at work can also cause fluid retention, just like it does within the areas of our stomach. Excessive sodium or alcohol intake or a lack of sleep are also factors. Puffiness around the eyes can age us prematurely. Thankfully, there are many anti-aging skin care products that can help preserve our eyes and all that surrounds them.

Many believe that the main cause of dark circles around the eyes is a lack of sleep. However, most dark circles are actually caused by nasal congestion. When the nasal passage is congested, the veins that usually drain from your eyes to your nose become dialated and darker, causing dark circles around the eyes. However, a lack of sleep and vitamin deficiency can also create unwanted shadows. Fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet around the eyes draw attention and highlight dark circles, so it is recommended to look for an eye cream that battles signs of aging in conjunction with diminishing dark circles.

Traditional, temporary methods of treating eye area problems.

There are many traditional methods of battling puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Who would have thought that the most widespread advice would involve cucumber and green tea bags? Slices of cucumber or cold tea bags placed on the eyelids and surrounding areas reduce swelling and shadows. However, it is only the coolness of the materials that affect the skin, and these are only temporary cures. The same applies to applying cover-up and foundations to mask dark circles around the eyes.

Contemporary, lasting eye treatments

Nowadays, there are new developments in skin care and anti-aging skin care that can have long-term positive effects on the condition of the delicate skin around the eyes. No more quick fixes; investing in an eye cream that has been engineered to banish dark circles and puffiness is the way forward.

The Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream by Neocutis uses new Processed Skin Cell Proteins (PSP) technology to rejuvenate the eye area by reducing fine lines, banishing dark circles around the eyes, and reducing puffiness. NeoCutis Lumiere eye cream contains a mixture of human growth factors and cytokines combined with caffeine, bisabolol, glycyrrhetinic acid and sodium hyaluronate. If applied morning and night, it is proven to considerably improve the appearance of puffy, aged skin.

Vivier's Dark Circle Diminishing Eye Cream incorporates a beneficial mixture of Vitamin K, which restores skin elasticity, and Vitamin C IDS technology, which is a powerful antioxidant that works as an anti-aging device while also replenishing skin. Just gently massage the cream into the surrounding eye areas daily and notice great results.

The benefits of eye creams

There are many benefits of using eye creams to banish dark circles around the eyes and reduce puffiness around the eyes. These delicate areas improve in elasticity and vitality with the proper eye cream. A noticeable result can also boost confidence to sky high levels. If you are post skin procedure, applying eye creams is a great way to aid the healing process.

Bright eyes turn back the clock, so why not help yourself by losing those dark circles and preventing that puffiness around the eyes? Incorporating an eye cream into your beauty regime is simple, yet so effective.