5 Beauty Tips for Protecting Yourself from the Sun

We love spending time in the sun, whether it is soaking up the deliciously warm rays on the beach or enjoying a bright afternoon on the front porch. However, sun damage can harm the skin, accelerating the aging process and even contributing to the risk of some types of cancer.

We must take steps to protect ourselves from excess sun exposure, and there are many options for doing so. This article will offer tips for avoiding unnecessary sun damage and recommendations for sun protection products that will keep your vulnerable skin safe and damage-free.

Minimize Exposure

The first step in protecting your skin from the sun is to minimize the amount of exposure you receive on a daily basis. During the heat of summer, the body is much more susceptible to those damaging rays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. If possible, stay out of the sun during this peak time, or seek shade or adequate sun protection if you must be out during these hours.

Watch the Clouds

Sun damage occurs even on cloudy days because the sun's rays can penetrate cloud cover to harm your skin. During the winter months, sun protection continues to be important, since the sun reflects off snow and becomes even more dangerous. It is important to protect your skin year-round, not just during the summer months.

Know Your Vulnerabilities

Some medications and skin care products make you even more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun. Ask your doctor if the medication he is prescribing will make your skin more likely to burn. Look at the label on your skin care products to see if a warning about sun exposure is included. If so, you must be extra vigilant about your sun protections, applying sunscreen daily without fail before leaving your house.

Best Sun Protection

There are many sunscreen products to choose from, but some brands offer better protection than others. Look for a high SPF, particularly if you have fair skin. Yonka offers a sunscreen with an SPF 40 specifically designed for those more vulnerable to the sun's rays. It is also important to inspect the ingredients used to provide protection. One of the best is zinc oxide, which is the key ingredient found in Fenix sun care products. Both Yonka and Fenix products also provide ingredients that slow the effects of aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure.

Some people with oily skin do not like to use a sunscreen because it clogs pores and leads to breakouts. However, G.M. Collin offers a sunscreen especially for those with oily skin that adequately protects the skin from sun damage without contributing to breakouts. G.M. Collin also offers a wide line of other sun protection products designed for every need and skin type.

Sun protection is absolutely necessary today, and there are a wide variety of products to choose from. With the right SPF and the best ingredients, your skin will be safe from the damaging effects of the sun any time of year.