Becca's Makeup Secrets to Flawless Skin

Cosmetics do not have to be complicated – if you use Becca Cosmetics. In fact, according to Becca founder Rebecca Williams: "It's really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary."

Becca Cosmetics has offered countless women all over the world fantastic makeup with simplistic formulations, thereby enhancing the skins' natural beauty.

This simple philosophy is delivered to women through Becca's Three-Step Skin Perfecting Makeup System, which allows women of nearly any age and ethnicity to experience their natural beauty. Correcting, perfecting and enhancing the skin are easier than ever with Becca Cosmetics.

The Becca Line of Cosmetics

Becca's line of cosmetics includes 34 concealer colors and 30 foundation colors. Other products in the Becca line include eye and lip products.

Becca takes an individualized approach to beauty, meaning that this comprehensive line allows women, regardless of their age or ethnicity, to find their exact tone and easily conceal any imperfections. The result is beautiful, natural-looking complexion. Better yet, Becca Cosmetics are not tested on animals.

The Beginning of Becca

Founder of Becca Cosmetics, Rebecca Williams, developed her line of high-quality cosmetics when, as a respected makeup artist, she couldn't find a makeup line that addressed women of different ethnicities and ages. The three-step Skin Perfecting Makeup System is designed to “correct, perfect and enhance any complexion, from the fairest to the darkest skin tones.”

A Natural, Flawless Look

For all women desperately searching for that perfect shade of concealer and foundation, Becca Cosmetics is undoubtedly the answer to their prayers. When makeup is matched perfectly to one's complexion, the result is nothing less than spectacular. In fact, this line of makeup allows women to achieve a natural, flawless look.

The complete cosmetic line of Becca includes natural shades for the face, lips, cheeks and eyes, and it also features high-quality brushes to allow women to achieve a perfect application, every time.

All products in the Becca line are formulated to conceal blemishes and even out skin tone, while looking natural and feeling weightless. The Becca Cosmetics line of beauty products was tested for more than six years, and the intensive research helped create a line that addresses the needs of all women, regardless of their age or ethnicity.

The Becca cosmetics line has been highly sought after by makeup artists and beauty editors around the world because the wide range of colors is sure to suit nearly any complexion. The simplicity of the three-step system has also appealed to many women, as it simplifies an otherwise quite complicated process.

The Becca line of cosmetics is quite comprehensive, as it includes: primers, tinted moisturizers, foundations, concealers, brushes, bronzers and powder shimmers. For the eyes, it includes shadows, crèmes and glosses, shimmers and glitters, mascaras and liners. For the lips, it includes creams, glosses, liners and tints.

Rebecca Williams has garnered the attention of the most respected beauty editors from around the world, but busy, modern women have also found this extensive line of products to be invaluabl, as well. The range of skin-perfecting products in the Becca line allows all women everywhere to “experience the pleasure of a flawless and radiant complexion.” After all, what else is there?