Becca Cosmetics

Becca cosmetics line, tested for more than six years, was founded by Rebecca Williams. A talented and highly regarded make-up artists, Williams was unsatisfied with the cosmetics lines that were available at the time and how there were no products specifically formulated for women of varying ethnicities and ages. It was her goal to help enhance and beautify any complexion, from the fairest to the darkest.

Becca’s Cosmetics are based on simple formulas with natural ingredients, thereby strengthening and supporting a woman’s own natural elegance. Williams developed a Three-Step Skin Perfecting Makeup System that addresses women of any age, race/ethnicity, and color and helps them to let their natural beauty shine through. Don’t think that it is merely covering up your imperfections, though. This make-up heals while it conceals, working to even out skin tone and restore that natural glow.

The products themselves (which are never tested on animals) range from over thirty different shades of concealers to thirty distinct shades of foundation colors. Of course, lip, cheek, and eye color/mascara are also part of the Becca line, but it still doesn’t end there. Williams was sure to create moisturizers, bronzers, glitters, primers, and even more. Every type and shade of make-up that you could ever want or need can be found within a single cosmetics line. Don’t forget the supplies! Williams made sure to include top-knotch brushes to help women get that perfect application.

Now, women of varying ages and colors don’t have to try to make do with the limited supply of shades that other cosmetics lines have to offer. Becca has products especially designed for them. No woman should be put at a disadvantage when it comes to her beauty because a line doesn’t address people with her skin tone. With Becca, every woman can have the gorgeous look she wants.