Transforming the way professionals treat skin, Bioelements Skincare was developed in 1991 by one of the first certified estheticians in the United States. Considered the “architect of the modern facial”, Barbara Salomone’s goal was to revolutionize the spa skincare industry with Bioelement Skincare products including anti-wrinkle creams, face masks, anti-aging serums, skin brighteners, acne treatments, sunscreen lotions, and more to produce extraordinary results.

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Before developing the Bioelement Skincare line, in 1985 Salomone changed the professional skincare industry by opening the first Bioelement advanced learning center for skincare where she developed innovative Bioelement products and treatments with ground-breaking ingredients. Bioelements reviews quickly spread across the country and the Bioelements skincare learning center became known for teaching and educating skincare professionals on the latest in skincare treatments, professional techniques, and ingredient breakthroughs.

Along with this much needed education system for skincare professionals, Salomone also saw the need for a professional-quality skincare system to address every skin type and condition. Customizing BioelementSkincare products per skin type by offering estheticians and skincare professionals the option of custom-blending, produced success confirmed by Bioelements reviews in the industry.

Bioelements Skincare products offer a complete skincare system designed for professionals for use in the treatment room but are also available at home. Bioelements Skincare offers spa-quality results with at-home use by incorporating scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients including botanical extracts, pure essential oils, and advanced cosmeceutical formulas.

Bioelement reviews are featured in many major publications including the New Beauty magazine winter 2012 issue where the BioelementsSleepwear moisturizing line is featured in “The Latest Way to Get Youthful Hands”. New Beauty magazine determined BioelementsSleepwear is a “nighttime healer” and makes skin feel “much softer” and “totally rejuvenated” by the next morning. Bioelements Sleepwear integrates topical calcium to protect the skin, peptides to tone and firm skin, and Alpha-Arbutin to brighten skin and diminish dark spots. Bioelements reviews on the Sleepwear products were also mentioned in the December 2012 issue of Cooking Light. Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine January 2013 issue featured BioelementsProbiotic Anti-Aging

Serum as one which “enlists beneficial bacteria or create conditions that keep them happy.” Keeping microflora balanced is key to keeping skin strong and youthful.American Spa trade magazine awarded Bioelements Skincare the “favorite acne line” in the 2012 Professional’s Choice Awards.

“ offers a large selection of Bioelements Skincare products because of the high demand for this superior, well-established line,” stated Raichel Goodyear, esthetician at


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