Blinc eyelash curler

It might seem obvious how to use an eyelash curler, but the Blinc eyelash curler is a heated model designed to naturally curl lashes without crimping them. Those who curl lashes wish to have a natural look, but often the standard crimping products leave a dreaded crease in the center of the lashes. Another dreaded effect from crimping tools? Some women have reported having lashes cut off at the crimping site after frequent use or using cheap tools. What makes the Blinc eyelash curler special?

The eyelash curler offers the right amount of heat to the lashes to curl them upward without damaging the delicate hair. The featured temperature control allows the user to know exactly when to curl the lashes, so you don’t have to worry about using a hot device around the eyes. When the indicating light turns yellow, it is safe to use. Here are a few easy tips to using the Blinc eyelash curler:

  • Warm the wand up – remember to watch the indicating light to see when it is ready for use. The quick heating wind should only take about 30 seconds to heat thoroughly
  • Press the brush of the wand to the base of the eyelashes and brush slowly upward for five seconds. Hold the wand at the base upward and then again at the tip of the lashes. Repeat the ten second process as many times as desired to get the results you want

An eyelash curler is an essential tool in any beauty routine because lashes frame the eyes. Straight lashes can actually make the eyes look smaller and the Blinc eyelash curler is safe to use around the skin and offers a natural, sleek look. Even with tiny lashes, the Blinc eyelash curler does a thorough job!