Blinc is a well-known maker of amazing eye cosmetics that make lashes stand out and eyeliners that make eyes pop like never before.The company also produces eyebrow products.But blinc is also a giant when it comes to products for anti aging.

The privately owned blinc company was founded in 1999.Its mission then, as it is now, was to help women become more beautiful by solving beauty issues with newly designed product

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Blinc’s specialized line of eye makeup includes glamorous mascaras that are smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant and won’t flake off during normal wear.The mascara coats the lashes with water-resistant ingredients.

The lash primers are made to make your lashes look even longer by providing a larger volume base for your mascara to adhere to.They also work as products for anti aging – for your eyelashes!The vitamins E and B5 in blinc’s lash and eyebrow primers nourish the lashes and the eyebrows, protecting them from the environmental stressors like UV light that release free radicals.This is a rare anti ageing product for lashes and brows.The lash primer from blinc is a particularly good anti ageing product.It helps lashes grow and flourish, conditioning them and adding volume, which we very often lose as we age.The primers can be removed with simple warm water; no harsh makeup removers are needed.

Blinc’s eyebrow mousse is also an anti ageing product.Not only will its ingredients add conditioning strength to your brows, but they will also beautify and enhance the skin beneath your eyebrows, a spot we often forget about.

The Fountain of Youth Color Eye Shadow Primer by blinc creates a crease-free pallet for your eye shadow while providing youthful benefits at the same time.With steady use (six weeks), this primer will reduce fine lines by 67% and add 53% more moisture within just one week of use.

One of the most exciting products for anti aging to come from blinc is the resurf.a.stic.Resurf.a.stic is a microdermabrasion, hydration and treatment stick all in one.It’s made to get rid of dead skin cells that are holding back new skin from surfacing on your face.The skin will be softened as small wrinkles and scars are dissipated.Spots of discoloration are improved and collagen increased.Blinc also makes a resurf.a.stic just for calluses.Those hard, tough-to-smooth thick patches of skin can be tamed without the use of files, stones, or razors.Wrinkles are diminished and the skin is baby smooth once again.

All of the anti ageing product lines made by blinc are Vegan and contain no grains.Blinc is serious about the non-use of parabens in any of its products.The crystals used in resurf.a.stic are medical-grade crystals of aluminum oxide, a safe, natural mineral.The licorice root used will also help reduce age spots and other signs of pigmentation

Not only does blinc care deeply about satisfying their customers’ needs, but they also care enough about society’s issues by helping a large variety of organizations such as Children International, CARE, and Environmental Defense amongst others.This is a company that can be trusted to do the right thing for women and for the world as a whole.


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