Borba Skincare

Borba was founded by Scott-Vincent Borba, who himself was ready to quit when no skincare products would rid him of his blemished skin. This line is unlike any other skincare brand that you will find on the market. It is unique because it understands that your skin looks the way it does because of the combination of inside influences and outside influences. The things happening in your body and mind coupled with weather conditions and other environmental factors can have an impact on your tone, complexion, texture and overall skin health. In order for any skincare project to effectively combat unwanted conditions and appearances, it has to truly understand this concept and design its products to acknowledge it.

The Borba skincare line has accomplished this by already taking into account these varying factors and making sure that its products are equipped to remedy any undesired consequences of both inner and outer circumstances. The formulas are both ingestible and topical, and are also nutraceutical (combining nutrition and pharmaceuticals) and cosmeceutical (combining cosmetics and pharmaceuticals). This all-encompassing mixture makes for skincare products that will squash any flaws from every different angle. With a cream, lotion, cleanser, or any other product attacking blemishes, wrinkles, etc. from every direction, those skin imperfections don’t even stand a chance.

The line carries formulas that will slow down and even prevent the signs of aging (like crow’s feet and age spots), fight acne, firm your skin, soften its texture, plump up your lips, revitalize the general appearance of your skin, and more. Other skincare lines don’t address the various factors of skin health. To have a line that takes care of your nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics all in a single product is relatively unheard of. Borba is one of a kind.