Borghese: The Power of Combining History with Nature

A rich history is the basis for the classic Italian tradition of Borghese. Modern beauty is often steeped in a rich past, and Borghese is no exception.

The unparalleled collection of beauty and skin treatments of Borghese has allowed women from all over the world to celebrate their unique beauty and to revel in their individual beauty needs and wants.

Responding to Individual Skincare Needs

In fact, Borghese has pioneered a number of products that combine science and natural beauty to respond to a woman's individual skin and beauty. From anti-aging skincare to beautiful color cosmetics, Borghese's comprehensive line of skincare and beauty treatments have pioneered the cosmetic and skincare industry.

A Synergy between Luxury and Science

Borghese was one of the first skincare lines to seek a synergy between health and nature and luxury and science. A great example of this is the Acqua di Vita Living Water Complex, a line of skincare therapies that is sourced from thermal springs. This organic line of skincare treatments is just one area of Borghese's vast line.

Borghese may pull from its roots in Italian tradition, but its position as a leader in new anti-aging products and the best organic treatments makes it incredibly relevant in today's market. Its influence on skincare products across the world has allowed Borghese to remain one of the most beloved skincare lines around the globe.

Classic Products meet Cutting-Edge Technologies

From classic Borghese products, such as Fango Active Mud, to some of the most innovative new products, like Crema Straodrinaria, all of the products in the Borghese line feature natural botanicals and cutting-edge technology to effectively address any woman's beauty needs, wants and concerns.

One of the unique features of Borghese is that women and men of all ages and needs are able to address their skincare and beauty needs through one comprehensive line of products. From a traditional background to an innovative future, Borghese has seamlessly married these two philosophies to create a line of products that men and women of nearly any age can respond to and enjoy.

Borghese Skincare Products

Some of the products in the Borghese line include: hair care, body care, skincare, spa products, makeup, fragrances and men's products. The line of Borghese products are focused on both anti-aging products and skin maintenance products. In addition, a full line of color cosmetics completes the skincare line.

Some of the cutting-edge ingredients found in the Borghese line include: Stratopeptide Energizing Complex, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C and natural botanicals. The products of Borghese aim to soothe and maintain skin, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, to minimize redness and to reduce and prevent sun damage. Borghese products cleanse, tone, revitalize and maintain a more youthful appearance. The products address all skincare types.

Borghese is loved and revered around the world by countless women, as it focuses on combining tradition and science to create truly remarkable products that make women beautiful.