Benefits to Using Cellex C Advanced

Cellex C products use a high level of vitamin c to reverse skin care damage and improve the look and feel of the face and other troublesome areas. What are some common signs of aging?

  • Sun spots on the face, neck and hands caused by unprotected sun exposure
  • Sagging or dropping in areas of the face and neck caused by a loss of volume or fat
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Discoloration, such as dark circles under the eyes caused when the blood vessels become prominent when fat loss occurs under the eyes

Using Cellex C Advanced to nourish skin deep within the layer is an essential part of slowing the aging process. While Cellex C products use vitamin C, the Advanced line includes patented compounds and grape seed extract in addition to vitamin C. As a result, improvements in the skin are completely noticeable. The Cellex C Advanced works under the surface of the skin to nourish and repair skin deep within so it offers a rejuvenating look with frequent use.

How do you use this special serum product? Cleanse your skin using an ideal product for your skin type – cleansing away impurities and makeup is the number one step in skin health so try to avoid skipping that step each day. After cleansing, pat the skin dry with a soft town and dab a small amount of the Cellex C Advanced onto the skin and gently massage to absorb. Follow an application of the serum with an appropriate moisturizer to keep skin thoroughly hydrated to help minimize the depth of wrinkles and keep cell turnover occurring naturally.

Since the Cellex C Advanced serum is a highly concentrated product, it is best to only use it once a day to prevent irritation or redness.