Cellex C serum

Cellex C Serum is beneficial and clinical studies prove that the Cellex C skin care system reverses sun damage and minimizes signs of aging. The use of vitamin C in the skin care products has been well documented showing the benefits of topical application work to reduce sun damage and minimize wrinkles. The serum also contains zinc, which is a mineral essential in boosting collagen growth. Another important ingredient in the serum is tyrosine, which helps produce new cells.

The Cellex C serum is a high potency product designed to work within the layers of the skin for maximum benefit. While serum is already a highly concentrated product, Cellex C serum contains high amounts of vitamin C to ensure it works well with renewing and repairing skin. One benefit of the serum is that it contains 20 times more of the vitamin than the body could take through food or oral nutrition, so it works wonders on the skin where it’s applied. Place a few drops of the serum over trouble areas to see improvement in the skin. The serum has been show to:

  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes the look of age spots
  • Improves the texture of sagging skin

Use the Cellex C serum as part of a daily skin care routine. Those with all skin types can use the serum daily to see maximum benefit – be sure to only use the serum once a day to avoid any issues. Apply a small drop of the Cellex C serum to clean skin in the desired area and gently rub into the skin until full absorbed. Initial contact might cause the skin to experience a slight tingling sensation, but it is normal to feel it when using the product at first.