To say Cellex C advanced skincare offers clinically proven products is an understatement. Cellex C Serum, Cellex C Cream and Cellex C advanced products were developed by two American scientists, and numerous clinical studies proving the reversal of sun damage and aging with vitamin C are well documented. Cellex C serum, Cellex C cream and Cellex C advanced products integrate a patented vitamin C complex proven to diminish the signs of aging. Read more about Cellex-c at the bottom of this page..

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Cellex C Advanced Skincare

World-renowned skin physiologist, and author read by many physicians, medical students, and estheticians, Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, M.D. offers studies proving the benefits of vitamin C in Cellex C advanced products, which eradicate the effects of aging skin. Dr. Pugliese conducted a clinical study on dermal restructuring using Cellex C Cream Complex on five women between the ages of 59-62 years, which resulted in considerable reversal of aging skin with the use of Cellex C cream.

“We are observing a more structured collagen and elastin composition along with epidermal restructuring, both biomarkers of new or younger skin.”

-Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, M.D.

Several more studies were performed by Dr. Pugliese to confirm the positive effects of vitamin C in Cellex C advanced products, Cellex C cream and Cellex C serum.

The patented complex of Cellex C advanced products including Cellex C serum and Cellex C cream, transform the skin with vitamin C, an essential ingredient for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance. Unfortunately, as we age, free radicals destroy vitamin C in our bodies which in turn, decreases the amount of healthy collagen. Collagen is essential to keeping our skin firm and younger looking. Cellex C serum, Cellex C cream and Cellex C advanced products replace the vitamin C, and when combined with other necessary ingredients, Cellex C serum is proven to diminish wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, and to plump sagging skin.

Noted are the many Hollywood celebrities who carry Cellex C cream and Cellex C serum in their handbags, as mentioned in many popular magazines. Vogue Magazine advises about Cellex C serum:

“Try to save your skin – topical vitamin C treatments are all the rage among facialists and dermatologists, they’re even popping up at cosmetic counters. The trend can be traced back to the now classic, Cellex-C Serum, which has debuted in 1994 and whose cult status has triggered a swarm of mimics.”  -Vogue Magazine, U.S.A.

GQ Magazine, sporting Jennifer Lopez on the cover, raves about Cellex C cream:

“Face up to the day – welcome Cellex C Cream, a new beauty liquid that’s been hailed by skin experts and doctors for its outstanding ability to wipe away wrinkles and rejuvenate facial appearance.”  -GQ Magazine, U.S.A.

The science behind the miraculous Cellex C cream, Cellex C serum and Cellex C advanced products is a topical formulation containing L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and is the only skincare product licensed to use the patented Bioderm technology to stimulate the synthesis of collagen formation. Cellex C advanced products replenish the low levels of vitamin C experienced with aging, to produce new, elastic collagen.

In addition to vitamin C, Cellex C serum contains zinc, an essential mineral needed to aid in collagen growth, and tyrosine, an important amino acid for producing new cells. Only Cellex C advanced patented products, including Cellex C cream and Cellex C serum, offer a precise formulation with nutrients which must be present to support enhancing properties for the skin to be stimulated by vitamin C.


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