Cellex-C versus SkinCeuticals


Dr. Meisner and Dr. Michael Schnistky developed Cellex-C. In July of 1990 they received a patent for L-ascorbic acid, L-tyrosine, zinc sulphate at a low pH. Patent # 4,938,969. Between 1994 and 1995 through 1997 Dr. Pinnell was the spokesperson for Cellex-C. His son was the distributor for Cellex-C in some US states. In 1997 Caleel+Hayden won the rights to distribute Cellex-C in all the US states as well as international. At that time Dr. Pinnell developed SkinCeuticals. Dr.Pinnell was utilizing the Duke patent which was received in August of 1992. The Duke patent is only on L-ascorbic acid and a low pH promoting collagen production. The Duke patent is on an ingredient, not on a product formulation. SkinCeuticals products consist of L-ascorbic acid and zinc sulphate. The Duke patent is no longer listed anywhere on SkinCeuticals packaging or on their marketing materials. Dr. Mostafa Omar used to work with Dr. Meisner and Dr. Pinnell. When the divorce happened Dr. Omar continued to work with Dr. Pinnell. Dr.Omar is a scientist that helped to create SkinCeuticals, including the vitamin C creams. Dr.Omar recently broke off from Dr. Pinnell and SkinCeuticals. Dr. Omar now has his own skin care, very similar to SkinCeuticals called IS Clinical, Innovative Skincare.

At the Advanced Technology Conference in 1997, Dr. Pinnell stated “A topical formulation containing a 10% stabilized aqueous formulation of L-ascorbic acid, in addition to zinc, tyrosine and bioflavonoid has been developed for reversal of photo aging.” Dr. Pinnell said this 5 years after the Duke patent and admitted that tyrosine needs to be in the formulation. It is going to take time to introduce Cellex-C to an account that is using SkinCeuticals. It will be a journey to transition this account to Cellex-C. But I have confidence that you can do it. The reason I have confidence is because Cellex-C is a far superior product and you have all the studies and support to back that up. The other reason is because Caleel+Hayden have an amazing sales force. The support, dedication and education that you give to your accounts are what set you apart.

There are a couple tips that I will share that will help to expedite this process:

1. Build a relationship. It is important for the account to know that they can trust you.

2. Be there. So when another sales rep makes a mistake they know who to call- you. You can be available by stopping by every now and again to update the account on new products, new kits, drop off samples, leave a note, invite them to your seminar, etc.

3. Enter through the back door. If the account starts using one of Caleel+Hayden other product lines, like gloMinerals you now have an in.


Cellex-C Advanced-C Line

The Advanced line is a high concentration of Cellex-C complex signature ingredients, plus powerful free radical scavengers and natural collagen protectors.

The 3 additional anti-oxidants are:

Grape Seed Extract-nutritionally supports the micro-vascular health of the skin by protecting cells within capillaries from free radical damage.

Resveratrol- is believed to protect collagen through two mechanisms

1. by inhibiting the enzymes that degrade collagen

2. by supporting existing collagen structures

Ergothioneine- a natural super anti-oxidant present in tissue which is subject to high oxidative stress.

Cellex-C Advanced- C Serum

In addition to grape seed extract, resveratrol, and grape seed extract antioxidants the Advanced-C Serum contains green tea extract.

Green tea extract- a powerful antioxidant by protecting the cell from free radicals and associated damage.

SkinCeuticals C+E

15% L-ascorbic acid and 1% alpha tocopherol (vitamin E)

Cellex- C Advanced- C Skin Tightening Cream

17.5% L-ascorbic acid and 2% tocopherol acetate (vitamin E)

Tocopherol acetate is an antioxidant with skin moisturizing properties. Given its free radical scavenging properties, it is best in UV protective products.

Cellex-C Skin Firming Cream Plus

10% vitamin C, 3% vitamin E, and the additional antioxidant of Lycopene

SkinCeuticals C+AHA

AHA designed to break down the cellular glue that holds cells together, which happens topically.

Vitamin C designed to penetrate deep in the skin and repair damage.

So you have two different types of delivery, one ingredient, vitamin C, that is trying to penetrate deep into the skin and the other ingredient, AHA that is superficial.

SkinCeuticals Serum 20

How much vitamin C does your skin really need?

If there is no delivery system then it does not matter what the percentage of vitamin C is if it is not penetrating.

They do not list their pH on their products or brochures.

Overcoming obstacles of SkinCeuticals sales reps bad mouthing Cellex-C:

There is never any need to stoop down to their level. Cellex-C is obviously the superior product and you have all the support you need to represent that. You can show the patents if there is any confusion as to who has the original patent and who developed the Cellex-C.

Cellex-C has many products that are different than SkinCeuticals.

Such as Cellex-C:

Vitamin C face and eye creams

Advanced C Neck Firming Cream

Body Smoothing Lotion

Sun Rescue Gel

Skin Firming Hand Cream

Hydra Hand Cream

Skin Hydration Complex

Betaplex line (their exfoliating line is only AHA’s, Cellex-C contains AHA and BHA’s)

Skin Perfecting Pen

Under Eye Toning Gel

A way to slowly introduce Cellex-C to an account is to suggest Cellex-C products that are different than SkinCeuticals. You have now opened the door and can bring in new Cellex-C products gradually. Their studies are in house studies and are on specific ingredients, not on full products. You can have a great ingredient, but if there is no delivery system, or if the ingredient is buffered, or if the amount of the product is low it is not going to have the same effect as the study says. There are so many other factors that come into play.

If in any situation somebody is questioning Cellex-C's efficacy to other products, pull out Dr. Traikowich’s study and refer to the last paragraph. That is clinically proven evidence of how Cellex-C is completely different from all other topical C’s on the market. There is plenty of business out there for everyone. If there is an account that carries SkinCeuticals and you have tried numerous times to get Cellex-C in and they are still not interested in Cellex-C then move on for now. Their will be someone else not to far away that will be interested in C+H products. And that is who you want to pursue.