Clayton Shagal Skin Care Products

Canadian based La Maison Clayton Shagal manufactures top-notch skin care products that will have your skin looking and feeling years younger. Clayton Shagal started operations back in 1982, bringing to market one product – a collagen gel. Its emphasis has always been on effectiveness and simplicity.

Clayton Shagal products were developed understanding how the skin naturally regenerates and then working within it. From just one product on the market, it has grown to a company with many products – a specialized skin care product line that will address the needs of all skin types from the younger skin to mature skin of both men and women.

Clayton Shagal Skin Care products are based on three main components: Water + Elastin + Collagen.

The Importance of Collagen

Our skin is made up of 70% collagen, which makes up for 90% of our connective tissues. Collagen can retain more than eight times its weight in water, making it the skin’s major moisturizing component.

Over time, collagen begins to weaken. When we are in our prime, water fills our collagen fibers, performing to their fullest ability offering vitality and moisture. As we age the collagen production deteriorates, but collagen isn’t ever lost.

Because the collagen fibers aren’t receiving adequate nourishment, they are not able to retain moisture in the same manner they did. Over time, they become thinner and thinner and it becomes more difficult. La Maison Clayton Shagal offers a collagen that is able to penetrate the dermis and replenish your skins decreasing supply of collagen fibrils.

La Maison Clayton Shagal has facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe. For the past 20 years, Clayton Shagal has been known for the exceptional skin care products in its line. Over time skin ages and Clayton Shagal ensured woman and men alike didn’t have to accept this as a fact of life, instead offering products that challenged it.

Clayton Shagal Research

Clayton Shagal has the science to back it up with several years of research invested along with the testing product quality, defining the purpose of each product, and then showing how simple homogenous product lines can achieve optimal results.

Clayton Shagal has the pharmaceutical research behind its product lines. Research facilities are located in Germany and that’s where superior scientific testing occurs with the strictest quality control.

Clayton Shagal Oat Bran Scrub

Gentle enzymes contained in the scrub will remove dead skin cells as well as impurities, reducing skin irritation, and delivering a brighter, fresher, more radiant complexion. It is good for all skin types and excellent for hyper-pigmentation. Use 1 to 2 times a week after you have cleansed and toned. Gently massage for about 30 seconds. Then rinse using warm water.

Clayton Shagal Gel Plus

The Clayton Shagal Gel Plus is a deep penetrating collagen product that focuses on replacing collagen that has been lost as a result of aging, and smoothing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The base is a rich gel that immediately makes your skin feel softer and smoother. Your skin will absorb only what it needs and then as your skin starts to stabilize you will need less product to get the same results. Apply a small amount to your skin every night; The Gel Plus should be used with the 21 intensive treatments.

Clayton Shagal Collagen Extract

Clayton Shagal Collagen Extract is a concentrated liquid booster that hydrates and tightens the skin immediately. It improves tone dramatically and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles. You can use the Collage Extract as a shock treatment to accentuate your firmness with an intense moisture treatment. It will also accelerate your skin’s recovery from burns, scars, and uneven pigmentation. Just apply a thin layer over your clean skin including around the eyes and neck.

Clayton Shagal Elastin Extract

Clayton Shagal Elastin Extract is a concentrated liquid booster that will tighten the skin and strengthen the elastic fibers in the dermis. You will experience improved firmness through this intense moisture treatment. Apply a thin layer on clean skin and make sure to include around the eyes and neck.

 Clayton Shagal Gel II

Clayton Shagal Gel II is perfect for skin of all ages. It will penetrate deeply to aid in the replacement of collagen that is lost as we age. It can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles and even delay their formation. The Collagen Gel II is rich will instantly leave your skin feeling softer, more supple, and smoother. Apply a small amount to the neck, eye area, and face. Do not massage. Once the gel is act skin temperature it will reactivate collagen fibrils. Let the gel penetrate for 60 seconds before wiping off excess. In fact, if you find you are wiping of excess reduce the amount being used.