ColoreScience sunscreen

We all love the feel of warm sunshine on our faces, but as with any other thing, too much of a good thing can be harmful to your health. Today, it is understood that over exposure to UV rays can cause mild to severe skin damage, depending on length of exposure, which is why using products like ColoreScience sunscreen are important in preserving the health, wellness and appearance of your skin.

ColoreScience is a mineral skincare brand that has produced mineral makeup for years.  The ColoreScience brand doesn't use artificial fillers or dyes and perfumes in their skincare or cosmetic products.  Instead, natural ingredients including zinc and titanium dioxide are main ingredients in their sunscreen products, promoting health and wellness for the skin while at the same time providing protection against damage caused by free radicals. A number of us ColoreScience sunscreen products that offer SPF 20 to 30 protection, helping preserve the health of your skin while you're wearing makeup.

Protection against damage caused by free radicals is important in order to reduce the appearance and creation of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and overall unhealthy looking skin caused by over exposure to the sun. The presence of minerals such as zinc and titanium dioxide are essential not only for protection against the sun, but in keeping your skin hydrated, healthy, and young looking. Highly refined minerals are essential in protecting your skin, regardless of skin tone or skin sensitivities.

ColoreScience sunscreen Sunforgettable, with SPF 30, is one such product that offers a mineral powder that offers broad spectrum protection against UVA, infrared and UVB rays. You may not notice damage to your skin now, but over the years, damage caused by free radicals will increase signs of aging, especially around the eyes and mouth.  Take care of your skin now, and don't wait until you see signs of damage to do something about it.