Cream For dry face based on your skin type

Are you out shopping for a face cream that would serve as a moisturizer? However, if you’re looking for a face moisturizer, you could well be confused by the different brands in the market. Perhaps, you like the fragrance of one, or the brand name appeals to you, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

It’s a misconception that a cream for dry face must contain a fragrance. On the contrary, if it does, it’s highly likely that it could cause you some skin irritation. So, it’s best not to go by a face cream’s thick or thin consistency, fragrance, brand name or any other parameter but solely by its ingredients.

How to choose cream for dry face: Different skin types need different kinds of face creams with ingredients beneficial to their complexions. So, it’s good to know what suits your skin type. Read on to find out about your skin type:

·         Normal skin: Normal skin is usually soft and smooth with obvious pores. The ideal cream for your normal skin is one that is specifically made for normal skin.

·         Dry skin: Being dry, this skin type is highly prone to infection. If you have dry skin, you probably have had wrinkles and fine lines early in life, and a tightness of the skin, due to dehydration. For you, a cream for dry face would have a moisturizer that nourishes your skin and takes away the dryness. Its components should be Vitamins A, C, E and Vitamin B-complex, Cynergy TK, potassium, olive, jojoba and avocado oil. Your cream for dry face should also contain grape seed, macadamia, babassu palm wax, maracuja passion fruit extract, phytessence wakame and honey.

·         Oily skin: Opt for an oil-free and water-based cream face since it will stop the oils from clogging your pores and keep your skin looking fresh. If you opt for a cold cream, ensure that it moisturizes your skin minimally so that your skin can retain sufficient moisture. Also, it should be non-comodegenic.

·         Sensitive skin: Your face cream should have natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. You could also use cold creams as they help to eliminate all excess oil and dirt that collect in the T-zone of your face, besides hydrating your cheeks and chin.

Ingredients to look for: The ingredients to look for include:

·         Cynergy TK: This stimulates tightening of the skin and elasticity, while also reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains keratin from sheep’s wool which is absorbed into the skin to manufacture collagen and elastin.

·         Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10: This ingredient is a form of antioxidant CoQ10 that the skin absorbs easily and helps produce collagen, decrease wrinkles, fight free radicals that kill skin cells, invigorate the skin and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

·         Vitamin E: This ingredient is antioxidant in nature. It also fights free radicals.

·         Phytessence Wakame: This Japanese sea kelp extract enhances the skin's tone and elasticity.

·         Other ingredients: These include essential oils, fush oils, vitamin extracts and honey which are good ingredients in moisturizing face creams.

Why you should look for a cream facial cleanser: The terms face cream and cream facial cleanser could confuse you, leaving you flummoxed about what to buy. So, let’s define a cream facial cleanser. These products remove any extra oil and dirt lodged deep inside the skin, besides also healing torn or impaired aging skin. So, though a cream face cleanser primarily clean skin and make them healthy, they also encourage overall skin health by putting their scientific formulations to work.

Your ideal a cream face cleanser should have these ingredients: Manuka honey, which encourages cell repair and new skin regeneration; allantoin, that stimulates new collagen growth in the skin; Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid that increase skin cell production; Salicylic acid prevents clogged pores and acne breakouts; Camphor for its cooling properties; and Phenol for its anesthetic and antiseptic properties.

Anti-aging cream for dry face: Women with mature skin find that their skin starts looking dull. This is due to the decrease in collagen production and natural proteins that lend tightness to the skin to avoid causing dry skin and wrinkles. At about 40 years, you should use a good  cream for dry face that has anti aging benefit .

These anti-aging creams for dry face get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and tightens up sagging skin. They also moisturize and nurture the skin, encourage skin cells, collagen and elastin production, prevent new wrinkles from appearing, and give a bright glow to the face.

Choose a cream for dry face according to your needs and skin type. Check that it offers you protection from UV rays (SPF 15. t cause premature aging of the skin.