Fighting Dark Circles and Dark Spots

Nothing can make a person look more haggard and spent than dark circles and dark spots under and around the eyes. Your eyes are one of the first things people notice when they meet you, whether you’re being introduced to someone for the first time, or bumping into an old friend at the market. If you have even the hint of a dark circle you may get questions or comments like, “Have you been ill?” or “You look tired, you should get more rest”.

If you’ve done your homework, you know that dark circles are the result of blood pooling under the eyes and causing bruising. The delicate, thin skin under the eyes makes it easy for these dark patches to show through. It’s true that lack of sleep can cause or exacerbate dark circles, but there may be other contributing factors as well. As we age, our skin becomes even thinner and blood vessels that were once concealed by plump, robust skin are now exposed, making the dark circles more noticeable—particularly in contrast with facial skin that has lightened with time.

Some of the other conditions that cause or intensify dark circles or dark spots around the eyes are: family history—genetics can play a role in your skin make-up; lack of adequate hydration—our bodies require ample amounts of water to stay healthy; or dark circles or dark spots that may be an indication that you are failing to drink enough water daily. Allergies can take a real toll on the eyes; the constant assault of allergens in the air cause people to rub their eyes and in doing so, they may damage the fragile skin and leave dark circles or dark spots behind. Still other conditions such as stress, sun exposure, and illness can manifest in dark spots and dark circles around the eyes.

Dark spots and dark circles are difficult to remedy because of the fragile nature of the skin around the eyes. Chances are, once dark circles appear they will always be visible, but you can lessen their impact by using an excellent product, like Ageless Derma Eye Cream, that specifically targets dark spots and dark circles around the eyes. Most of these specially formulated eye creams contain ample parts of vitamins C, E, and K and some measure of retinol. Depending on the severity of the dark circles or dark spots, these types of products can have a dramatic impact over time. As with all products designed to erase signs of aging, anti-aging eye creams demand a certain level of commitment from the users. Just as it takes time for dark circles and dark spot to appear, it also takes time for them to fade. It is important to establish a regular routine of application and to have patience for the results to begin to appear. Being proactive and starting an eye cream regimen before dark circles appear can keep you looking fresh and rested — and young.

Rejuvenating Tired Eyes

There’s no doubt that we seem to get busier every day. It’s the nature of the times in which we live…there is always one more thing to do, one more task that has to be done, and there is precious little time for just sitting and relaxing. These are the times we live in—we’re a nation of multi-taskers and relaxation and time for ourselves has been delegated to a pretty low spot on our priority lists.

This kind of life-style—constantly on the go, late nights, too much time in front of a computer or out in the elements—takes a huge toll on our skin, and more specifically on the skin around the eyes. When our eyes get tired, we begin to look drawn, and haggard, and worst of all—old! There is little chance that many of us are going to change our lifestyles any time soon—short of winning the lottery—but there are other things we can do to slow the aging process on the skin around our eyes, rid ourselves of the tell-tale puffy eyes, and at least present a rested and youthful appearance to the rest of the world.

One thing that we need to make clear from the onset is that eye creams aren’t so much about avoiding and/or eliminating wrinkles—although there are some that can help with that—that is dated thinking. Today, eye creams are designed to address specific conditions that affect the tissue around the eyes. Puffy eyes are a common problem that plagues both men and women. Puffy eyes can be a precursor to bags under the eyes. Bags are one of the most common signs of aging around the eyes and one that can wreak havoc on a person’s face. Eye cream also frequently addresses dark circles and dark spots around the eyes—a very noticeable condition that can make a person look tired or ill.

There are a number of excellent eye cream products on the market today. Products like Ageless Derma Anti-aging Eye Cream that are quickly gaining recognition and strong reputations for their ability to soothe tired eyes, deflate puffy eyes, and help keep the dark circles and dark spots associated with aging skin at bay. Eye creams are topical applications that provide moisture to keep the fragile skin around the eyes supple, and help combat the constant assaults waged on our skin by the elements.

If you’re looking for a good eye cream, you need to take the time to read the labels. You should see vitamins like C, E, and K close to the top of the ingredients list, and there should be at least 0.1% retinol listed on the label as well—these are key ingredients that make topical applications effective. Used according to directions, these eye cream products should provide some relief for your tired eyes and produce visible improvements for your puffy eyes over time.


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