DDF Acne

Skin forms the most exposed part of our bodies to the external factors. This fact makes it vulnerable to ailments and it becomes imperative for us to take careful care of it. One of the common skin ailments that people suffer and struggle with is that of acne. This is when DDF Acne medication comes to the rescue of these patients.

In order to assist patients in managing this grave problem of breakouts DDF Acne or Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula offers a range of products. DDF is a line of effective skin care products created by dermatologist Howard Sobel. The DDF Acne line uses formulas that regulate oil balance, remove bacteria, decongest pores, reduce inflammation, prevent blemishes, thereby keeping a check on the root causes of acne.

Acne is often caused due to increased production of a hormone called androgen. Usually androgen levels increase during adolescence. Secondly, genes and hormone changes in the body can be held responsible for it. Also, greasy cosmetics can lead to acne formation in some cases.

To relieve the patients of these problems, DDF Acne care offers a systematic approach that can do wonders to your skin. Its products that effectively treat, moisturize and protect the skin are DDF Acne Control Treatment, DDF Clarifying Hydrator, DDF Salicylic Wash, DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, to mention a few. The active ingredients that these products include are Salicylic Acid (clears the dead skin cells), glycerin, Benzoyl Peroxide (fights bacteria and germs beneath the surface of the skin), Glycolic Acid (regenerates skin cells).

DDF acne medication promises a holistic acne care regime that will allow you to restore soft and supple skin. These products are exclusively developed to combat with acne. They work on people of all skin types and age groups.