Food to the skin – what better than DDF Lotion

There is a very thin line of difference between a moisturizer and lotion, but DDF Lotion makes sure that the difference is well highlighted and is visible to a common man’s eye. Lotions are lighter and thinner than moisturizers. Lotions can be used all year round, while moisturizers are typically made for the winter season, when the skin dries much. Lotions are ultra light and weight less. Lotions are of either low or medium viscosity as compared to creams and moisturizers which are of higher viscosity. Lotions are used on unbroken skin to hydrate and refresh the skin.

Since a lotion is lighter than a moisturizer its effect on the skin is also lighter and hence while applying lotions one needs to be generous. For a good result the line of DDF Lotion should be generously used twice a day.

DDF is a Doctor’s Dermatological Formula by Dr. Sobel. These products are designed to treat all kinds of skin related problems.

Dryness is one of the biggest skin concerns and it leads to a lot of other problems like flaking, wrinkles and itching. DDF Lotion is a one stop problem to all skin problems and also a solution for the prevention of any more skin related issues. 

Lotions come in a variety of fragrances, types, colours, area specifications and age specifications. DDF Lotion tops the list in the variety it has to offer in the range of dermatologicaly made lotions. One of the most famous in the line of lotions by DDF is DDF-Ultra-Lite-Oil-Free-Moisturizer-SPF 15 and DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew.

Thus it is a must to have a good lotion, with SPF handy wherever you go as it takes care of a lot of skin issues all at once and DDF Lotion is one of the best option.