Dermablend Foundations

Flawless Skin with Dermablend Foundation

A skin colored cosmetic, used to give an even and uniform colour to the skin, especially applied to the face is called a foundation. Foundation is applied to the skin to give you a flawless complexion and to hide dark spots, dullness and various other problems. This type of makeup is a part of body painting.

Foundations are available for all kinds of skin tones. Different color of foundation suits different people. Foundation is used by one and all, whether young or old, men or women. They come in various forms, cream, rollers, lotion, powders and many more.

Dermablend is a dermatologically developed and recommended brand for makeup requirements of concealing and covering up. One of the most famous and effective line of Dermablend is the line of Dermablend Foundation. It is a renowned brand and has ruled the market in this sector for the past 30 years. Dermablend Foundation is recommended both by professional makeup artist and skin experts.

Dermablend Foundation is the secret behind the flawless skin of a number of people. Almost all foundations by Dermablend are rated top class and are given an average of 8 or above rating on 10 by the customers.

Dermablend Foundation comes in two categories, for minor to moderate flaws and the other for moderate to severe skin flaws. In the first category is available Smooth Indulgence SPF 20 Foundation. In the second category there are quite a few like, Cover Creme SPF 30, Leg & Body Cover SPF 15 and Leg and Body Tattoo Primer.

Dermablend Foundation takes care of not just the face but the entire body. It helps conceal marks and uneven skin from the leg and body. Dermablend Foundation are made with such technology that they do not feel heavy on the skin. Some of the Dermablend Foundation come with SPF to give a two way effect of sun protection and coverage.


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