Get Outstanding Skin Coverage with Dermablend

Dermablend does not offer treatment options for problem skin. Instead, this company specializes in camouflage methods that effectively hide imperfections that are currently being treated or have not responded well to treatment.

Dermablend offers one of the widest selections of concealers, foundations and setting powders on the market today, ensuring everyone can leave home in the morning with a beautifully flawless complexion.

About the Company

Dermablend was originally started in 1981 by a husband and wife team, Dr. Craig Roberts and his wife Florie. The original intention of the company was to become the premier provider of corrective makeup, and today, Dermablend has easily achieved that goal.

The Dermablend concealer, as well as all of the Dermablend products are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and free of artificial fragrances. This means that users can rest assured the Dermablend products will effectively hide skin conditions without irritating the skin or making the condition worse.

Today, Dermablend is easily the top company for corrective cosmetics in the United States. The Dermablend line is available through many high-end department stores, online retailers and through the company website. Currently, products are only available for shipping directly from the company to locations within the United States.

About the Ingredients

In addition to effective ingredients designed to conceal nearly any skin flaw, Dermablend uses titanium dioxide in many of its formulas to offer sufficient sun protection. The standard Dermablend concealer comes with an SPF 30.

Many of the other ingredients in Dermablend are common to other cosmetics, but the difference in the line is the ability to match shades to a person's skin tone and the ability to use other types of products, such as the green tinted concealer in combination with the standard foundations and concealers for ultimate coverage.

About the Products

Some of the concerns that the Dermablend products address include dark circles under the eyes, age spots and freckles. Body concealers are also available to hide problems like stretch marks, spider veins and even tattoos. Chronic skin conditions like rosacea can also be effectively treated with a Dermablend concealer.

One secret to the Dermablend success is the setting powder that can be used over any Dermablend concealer or foundation. This loose setting powder contains micronized talc that effectively set makeup and make it last longer.

The powder comes in three shades, including original for all skin tones, cool beige for medium skin tones, and warm saffron for skin sporting a deeper tan. Customers can also find complete dermablend leg and body cover designed to use in combination to minimize the appearance of skin conditions.

Dermablend is the go-to place for concealers of all kinds. This company prides itself on being the premier provider of foundations, concealers and powders for all skin types and needs. No matter what your skin concern might be, there is a Dermablend concealer or foundation to effectively mask your imperfection for a beautifully flawless complexion.