Count on Dermalogica Acne during a breakout

One of the most common skin issues confronting millions of young men and women is acne. Though not so common in teenagers, it is a ubiquitous phenomenon in adults. Many people don’t recognize what acne really is and many others cannot truly underline the problems that trigger acne. Dermalogica Acne products help you solve your acne problems once and for all and here is how:

Acne can be caused due to many reasons. The primary causes could be anything stemming from a hectic work schedule. Speaking from the point of view of skin care, it could be because you are producing too many skin cells or also because your skin has become too oily.

Another reason for acne could be intrinsic hormonal changes. If you are breaking out too often, you should immediately consult a skin therapist. If the problem is lifestyle induced, then you would need to adjust your schedule accordingly. On the other hand, if it is genetic then you should be fully informed on managing it.

The Dermalogica Acne kit includes everything that a Skin Therapist is likely to prescribe for acne treatment. There is a clearing skin wash which helps keep the excess oil in check. Then there is a sebum clearing masque which, because of its cooling effect, is likely to keep breakouts at bay.

For excessively oily skin there is also an oil control lotion. If you wish to conceal the breakout spots then you can do that with your concealing lotion which is slightly tinted. The overnight clearing gel will help your tired skin get a good night’s rest. Furthermore, one of its best features is the special clearing booster that helps kill acne causing bacteria and goes a long way in eliminating facial breakouts.

All these products combined together form the Dermalogica Acne kit which in times of trouble would be your most trusted arsenal to combat this dreaded phenomenon. So the next time you hit a breakout, don’t panic; simply use the Dermalogica Acne kit after having consulted your Skin therapist to achieve quick and satisfactory results.