Dermalogica Cleanser

Skin Care has become an important part of our everyday schedules. Given the existing dirt and pollution levels; it is only natural that our skin takes the worst hit. The dust particles in the air are more than sufficient to destroy the natural texture, feel and colour of our skin, thereby leaving it dry and patchy.

 Ineffective skin care also leads to numerous problems like black heads and discolouration. This is why the need to add a skin care regimen into your everyday routine has climbed up the priority ladder at a burgeoning rate.

 The Dermalogica Cleanser is a new addition to the wide variety of Dermalogica products custom made to rejuvenate and replenish tired skin. The USP of this cleansing gel is that it not only remove all of its impurities like any other cleansing gel, but also does not deprive the skin of its essential nutrients.

 That being said, there are a few key issues wherein Dermalogica Cleanser needs a little bit of improvement. Many users have found themselves disliking its characteristic fragrance while others have found it useful solely for oily skin. However, the fact remains that even such critics have been impressed with the overall quality of the product and even recommended it to their friends.

 The ingredients of Dermalogica Cleanser have been hand picked to provide the maximum relief to an aging skin. Lactic Acid helps achieve the lost texture of the skin while Rose Flower Oil curtails skin sensitivity. Another important constituent is Vitamin E, which soothes the skin and helps it regain its moisture while safeguarding it from further damage. All of these ingredients ensure that the skin has maximum protection from aging and external damage.

Continuous usage over fixed time duration ensures that the skin is as good as new.