Dermalogica Exfoliant

These are times when your skin is dull and has lost its entire glow. It looks lacklustre and lifeless. The reason for this is pretty simple: When your skin is dry and has been exposed to dust, sunlight and so many other things, it is only natural that it will develop almost another layer of debris that needs to be removed over a period of time. This extra layer is basically a layer of dead skin that needs to be removed by the Dermalogica Exfoliant.

Of the many Dermalogica products, the Dermalogica Exfoliant is one of those elusive ones which suit almost all skin types. The Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant is basically a cleanser which helps exfoliate your skin and expedites your cell renewal mechanism.

The ingredients that help the exfoliant do so, along with removing dead cells, is Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids. The Exfoliant also contains natural enzymes that play a significant role in catalysing the renewal process. The Exfoliant does not contain any artificial fragrances and therefore, is a huge hit with users.

The Dermalogica Exfoliant also contains Lactic and Salicyclic Acid. Both these acids are the primary components of the exfoliant. Some of the important components that curb the excess surface cells include Papain and Bromelain Enzymes.  The Exfoliant also contains extracts of Lavender and Aloe Vera which soothe the irritated skin.

In totality, most users highly recommend the Dermalogica Exfoliant primarily because it is not as harsh as other exfoliants available in the market. On top of that it helps the skin to relax and rejuvenate, which makes it ideal for gentle exfoliation.  Furthermore, its ability to work on all skin types makes it virtually immune to any potential side effects in the future.