Dermalogica Foundation

Stepping out for an important meeting or going for a party, either scenario requires you to put your best foot forward. A very important part of looking your best is to have the right look and the right makeup. And you cannot even hope to get your make up right, if you are not careful with the basics and getting for yourself the right base foundation is one of those basics. The Dermalogica Foundation is a recent favourite amongst make up wearers. There are many reasons for this new found love.

Most importantly the Dermalogica Foundation has no oil content. Dermalogica has made sure that this foundation is entirely water based. Also the foundation is not only a makeup supplement. The main aim behind the foundation is to keep your skin moisturised and healthy looking. This is why the foundation not only gives you an even toned base layer but also revitalises your skin in the process.

Most often the foundation is used to conceal marks and spots. The Dermalogica Foundation contains natural colour pigments together with skin nutrients. It also contains ingredients that help fight against harmful radiation of the sun. The best part about the foundation is that it forms an ideal base layer. Meaning that after applying the foundation, the skin does not look heavy and made up. The tint of the foundation is such that one can barely differentiate from actual skin and foundation.

The Dermalogica Foundation also contains an antioxidant moisture shield. This protects the skin from feeling too greasy. Combined with the entirely water based formula of the foundation, skin feels fresh and light even after application. Basically, the user is left feeling comfortable and happy because she does not need to apply multiple layers of creams and lotion and a single layer of the foundation serves all purposes. It is ideal for heavy make up wearers and also non make up wearers.