Dermalogica Lotion

Many times we confuse lotions with moisturizers and creams. There is a start difference between these three. Lotions are the lightest and are mostly used in mild dryness. The heaviness of the product is not felt on the skin as far as the lotion is concerned. Dermalogica Lotion is a one stop solution to all the body’s requirement of nutrition and health, especially in the winters and autumn.

Lotions can be of various types, depending on the body type you posses. Some can be oil control lotions, while the others can be sun defense and hydrating lotions. Various hands and nail care is also provided by Dermalogica lotion. Lotions by Dermalogica attend to aging and redness. Dermalogica lotion comes separately for night and morning as well.

One of the most famous Dermalogica lotion is Dermalogica oil control lotion. This lotion is an oil absorbing hydrator and it hydrates the skin while keeping excessive oil at bay. This Dermalogica lotion controls shine, hydrates the skin and calms the irritation of the skin.

Lotions leave the skin soft and supple and prevent dryness and dehydration. Dryness can lead to a lot of skin problems the major one being skin cancer. Skin cancer is fatal and at times incurable. If we take care of our skin and keep it hydrated, all possibilities of skin cancer can be avoided.

Another famous Dermalogica lotion is active moist. This lotion is a light and oil free lotion and can be used all year round without feeling heavy and sweaty.

All Dermalogica lotion specially formulated without the use of any artificial colors and fragrances. They are checked and tested over and over again before the final product is launched in the market for your use.

Lotions are a necessary skin food and should be used by one and all, atleast twice a day all year round. Buy a lotion that suits your skin type and entices your senses.