Dermalogica Products

Dermalogica has been developed by the international dermal institute. As simple and straight forward it can get, Dermalogica promises ‘Healthy Skin’ and not an inch more. All of us visit doctors and dentists regularly. Skin is the largest organ of our body, then why do we ignore it. This skin also needs a skin specialist and Dermalogica is a proven and recommended skin specialist. Dermalogica does not put its foot into hair and makeup products. They are dermatologists, and believe whole heartedly in skin care and nutrition with the help of Dermalogica products.

Since Dermalogica is a skin care brand, its products are divided into three categories. The first category is product use. Dermalogica products that are included under this category are toners, moisturizers, creams, exfoliants, masques, eye treatments, targeted treatment, shave, body treatments, skin kits, sunlight defense and everyday grooming. A few Dermalogica products under this category are skin hydrating and refining masque, multi active toners, skin purifying wipes, total eye care, 3 step shave regime and complete spa body therapy.

The second category is skin concerns, which includes Dermalogica products for various skin problems and concerns like oiliness, acne, breakouts, uneven skin tones, dehydration, dryness, dullness, aging, redness and sensitivity. Dermalogica products under this category are climate control, oil control lotion, dermal cleanser, age smart starter kit, tri-active cleanse and intensive eye repair. These products target a particular problem of the skin and not just fight but even prevent it.

The last category of Dermalogica products are the complete systems developed by Dermalogica that give complete solutions to a particular concern of the skin. Some of these systems are AGE smart, UltraCalming, ChromaWhite TRx and mediBac clearing. Other than this complete solution kits are also provided for skin health, shave, body therapy, clean start and sheer tint.