Many, many years ago in 1983, British skincare therapist Jane Wurwand founded the International Dermal Institute. With a desire to teach United States aestheticians how to care for skin in the best way, she began training and educating them in one classroom in California. Nowadays, the International Dermal Institute holds programs and classes all over the entire world. Dermalogica is one of the results of these efforts.

This skincare line made its first appearance about 25 years ago and in 1986, it was released to the general market. It wasn’t without extensive testing and researching, paying attention to the most minute details, that Dermalogica became such a trusted brand. The line prides itself on producing products that contain more gentle, mild formulas. With this increasingly natural approach, millions of people worldwide have come to depend on Dermalogica to heal, refresh, and protect their skin. There are no artificially created colors or fragrances added to the products, nor is there any S.D. alcohol, lanolin, or mineral oil. Instead, there is a plentiful amount of herbs, peptides, and botanicals—yet another factor contributing to the safety of these products for all customers. Skin sensitivities and/or allergic reactions to these kinds of formulas can now be a thing of the past.

Dermalogica takes prides in being a simple, everyday brand. It’s not about a fancy look, elaborate packaging, or magic potions; just good, old-fashioned skincare. In the minds of these scientists and researchers, the key to perfect skin is very logical: clean, treat, and protect. If you were to compare the ingredients on a Dermalogica product label and the label of another skincare line’s product, you would notice a lot of the synthetic ingredients replaced with healthier, all-natural ones. This is what makes this brand stand out amongst the crowd. Your skin loses a lot of its spunk as you age; Dermalogica is here to replace that, replenish it, and stop it from breaking down even more. The makers behind these products—who are required to undergo rigorous training—have shown us this by providing years of happy and satisfied customers.

Dermalogica has tackled cleansers, wipes, gels, sponge cloths, scrubs, toners, moisturizers (oil-free for your face), creams, and sunscreens. The acne products take into account that you must control excessive oil and diminishing moisturizer, so they make sure to address those. (By combining the ever-trustworthy salicylic acid and rich botanicals, you can’t go wrong!) The mineral make-up line isn’t bad either. An elegant look that’s natural and healthy? Sounds good! You can find Dermalogica products at various locations all over the United States and they can be purchased online as well. It’s also so easy to find the right formulas for you. They are divided based on varying skin issues. Whether you are dealing with adult acne, extra sensitive skin, sun damage, an uneven skin tone, or something else entirely, Dermalogica has something for you.