DermaNew is the brainchild of Beverly Hills salon owners Amby Longhofer and Dean Rhoades. They had a goal of bringing the best office and spa treatments into the home in a safe, easy, and affordable manner. This led them to discovering new methods of microdermabrasion that users can apply in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Use only what the pros of Beverly Hills would use.

DermaNew offers a complete microdermabrasion system in the form of many unique formulas. In this product line, you will find a plethora of moisturizers, mousses, gels, masques, foams, creams, sun protectors, cleansers, body washes, serums, bleaches and lighteners, and exfoliants. These products can accomplish a great number of things and are suitable for all skin types—sensitive, dry, oily, a combination of these, or normal. There are formulas created specifically for acne and excessive oil. You will encounter products meant for your whole body, your face, your eyes, your feet, and your hands and nails. There are things that can be used during the day or overnight, and the line also includes tools (like for callous softening) and kits containing a selection of several products.

With DermaNew , you will instantly notice a change in the look and feel of your complexion. What’s the secret? The answer lay in one key ingredient: corundum. Corundum, also known as aluminum oxide, gently removes the top layer of skin (or the stratum corneum), which is mostly dead skin cells. This leads to an instant skin resurfacing that is both safe and incredibly dramatic. By removing dead and unnecessary skin cells, you are immediately revealing a softer, healthier, more vibrant layer of skin. Many people don’t realize that by only using a regular cleanser, you are actually letting the dead skin cells remain there and continue to form an undesired extra layer on your face. Let your skin breathe.

The corundum is the primary ingredient, but DermaNew has also included a handful of other natural and pure components. When you apply DermaNew to your skin, you will also be exposing it to things like green tea and carrot and grape seed extracts, all clinically proven to be beneficial in the process of skin healing and treatment. It is only with such an extraordinary combination of ingredients that DermaNew is able to bring about positive changes so quickly. You will see the improvement in as quickly as one week. After about two weeks, even more progress will be made. Your pores will be less clogged and you skin tone and pigmentation will even out. After that, you will find that you have significantly fewer blackheads. Since you’re removing all of these unsightly features along with this first layer of skin, other things will fade away too, like scars and wrinkles. Not bad, right? With DermaNew , you’re getting closer to an at-home spa treatment than ever before! Treat yourself to a luxurious and powerful skin therapy session, sit back, and watch DermaNew work its magic.