We are proud to have as an offical authorized distributor of the new DermTec Medical Skin Care Brand that is based of the Science of Skin.

DermTec was started in the early 1990’s by John M. Brewer, Jr., M.D., a Dermatologist that graduated from Duke University. He also trained at Tulane University, Harvard University, and Oxford University in England. Dermatology was his love.


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The DermTec Company began with disposable medical products, such as the Brewer disposable curette. It was used mainly by dermatologists and wound centers. It enjoyed years of success until Dr. Brewer’s age and new health care regulations made the company no longer profitable.

Early in his dermatology career, Dr. Brewer worked with some of the pioneers in cosmetic dermatology. He published a cosmetic Research Paper in 1960 with Dr. James Burks and Dr. Marvin Chernosky while at Tulane University. The paper was on peels for better cosmetic results with Acne patients. Early in his career he saw the cosmetic area as a big part of the future of dermatology.

In the early 90’s Dr. Brewer, several dermatologists, and others along with his son William Brewer, Sr. became owners of one of the first Cosmeceuticals companies, Herald Pharmacal, the Parent company of M.D. Formulations and M.D. Forte. The word Cosmeceuticals is a combination of "cosmetics" and "pharmaceuticals". The company grew fast with the new concept of doctors and med spas offering high end cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to patients and clients. This company and new way of selling products proved to be a foundational company that many of today’s brands were started by people who owned or worked at Herald Pharmacal. Dr. Brewer and William Brewer worked directly with Jan Marini, Nicholas Perricone, M.D, Fredric Brandt, M.D., top cosmetic chemists, and others. The brand was very successful and purchased by Allergan. William Brewer went on to be a founder of COSMED. For the last 25 years he has been the President and an owner of Physicians Complex, which is now known as Clinicians Complex. In 2015, William Brewer purchased the DermTec brand. In 2019 the DermTec line was created to be a new Medical Skin Care product line. It is a multi-generational commitment to new, quality, innovative, results oriented medical skin care product line based on the Science of Skin. The new brand was formulated to be a complemtary product line to many of the existing product lines such as the Clinicians Complex products. Thank you and we look forward to you being part of the DermTec Family.