Dry face cream-Some Relieve From Itching

Dry skin is itchy, flaky and looks unhealthy when not well taken care of. There are those people who have a dry skin type while other can have dry skin as a result of harsh chemical reactions on skin. Weather element such as too much wind and cold during winter can rob any skin off its moisture and result in dry skin too. To keep skin supple one must invest in topical  dry face cream and lotions that can add and lock moisture into the skin.

The skin’s drying process starts during bath time if we use water that is too hot. The best temperature of water to bathe with is lukewarm water. Taking care not to use harsh soaps is another simple step to take, bathe with soaps that are moisturizing and look out for ingredients such as glycerin. A good tip is to add certain oils such as olive oil into your bath water as they end up making your skin smooth and supple.

After a shower or bath don’t rub off the water from your skin but pat it dry and immediately apply a good moisturizer while the skin is still damp. A good alternative is pure baby oil which works wonders in locking in that moisture and keeping your skin soft. Keeping our bodies from being dry is easier as they are normally covered by clothing and the skin is tougher, but facial skin is another matter.

If you have dry facial skin it’s important to be gentle with it and use the best dry face cream

 that suit it. If dry facial skin is mishandled it ends up showing signs of aging faster and earlier than necessary when not well taken care of. Not taking good care of dry facial skin can result in sagging, wrinkles and fine lines which are a nightmare.

There are simple steps to take to combat dry skin that do not need you to spend any money. They of course involve good diet and adequate water intake as well as taking steps to avoid alcohol and coffee as they only have a diuretic effect and make you end up losing more moisture. Fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a diet rich in essential oils such as flax seed are a good way to deal with dry skin. Take vitamins such as Vitamin E and C that will help strengthen your skin and nourish it from the inside.

Any dry face cream on the face has to be able to maintain a balanced supply of skin oils and moistures. It must not be over washed or over oiled. The best lotions for dry skin are water based which not only keep your skin moist but also have the effect of absorbing moisture from the air. Dry skin should be moisturized twice a day with dry face cream to keep it well hydrated.

Having sensitive skin means you have to be selective when it comes to getting dry face cream. This skin gets easily irritated and needs dry face cream that can protect it from the harsh elements. Most people with sensitive skin can’t seem to find a dry face cream that will not only feel good on the skin but also give it strong long lasting coverage as well provide deep moisturizing and healing properties for the skin. There are some ingredients to look out for.

Getting a dry face cream that includes dimethicone is good because it is a great ingredient when it comes to putting a protective barrier against any allergic components in the surroundings. It should also contain no petroleum products which is good for any sensitive skin. Other good ingredients to include are emollients to help keep the skin hydrated. Good emollients for use in dry face cream are Shea and cocoa butter.

Dry face cream should uphold certain qualities. They need to be made of natural ingredients that are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. They should also be good enough to last for a long stretches of time and should not necessitate too many frequent reapplications. It’s important to get dry face cream that also have ingredients that are good for repairing skin so that any damaged skin is moisturized as well as regenerated and healed from any problems.

These dry face creams should also have a calming effect to prevent itching and irritating of the skin. Good dry face creams have to be light and non greasy while making the skin feel soft and supple.  It also good to continually take hydrating fluids such as healthy herbal teas, natural fruit juices and  plain water to since a well moisturized system will lead to well hydrated skin. Carry a spray bottle with some pure water to spray the skin once in a while when it gets too dry.