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DS Laboratories Spectral.RS

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DS Laboratories Spectral RS

This is a powerful formulation for efficiently dealing with thinning hair and reversing hair loss. The active ingredients are transported deep into the follicles using Nano technology. These ingredients feed your follicles with the right kind of nutrition while improving circulation in the necessary hair follicles.

This treatment can be used by both men and women with thinning hair. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and can also be safely combined with any treatments being used for androgen alopecia for great results. It’s the best hair growth stimulator in the market that does not contain Minoxidil in its formulation.

This powerful formulation works by efficiently addressing the nutritional needs necessary for growth of great and strong hair. It helps to clear off any sebum build up from around the hair follicles resulting in improved blood circulation throughout the hair follicle. It will also stimulate any redundant hair follicles into growing great quality hair, while conditioning your scalp and make it healthier.

With any alopecia case there is always a condition that accompanies it that causes any collagen produced around the root of the hair follicle to become hard and eventually push the root of the hair follicle out of the scalp resulting in hair falling off and resulting in premature balding, Spectral Rs stimulates hair growth while adequately addressing this condition known as Perifollicular Fibrosis thereby preventing future balding. Spectral Rs gets deep into the skin and keeps releasing its efficient nutrients for more than 15 hours after application.

Directions: Use this product two or more times per day to the scalp where necessary. Apply 14 or more sprays on any place you desire and rub it in properly. Ensure that you properly wash your hands after application.

Ingredients: Herbal extracts, Aminexil SP94, Retinol, Nanosomes , Copper Peptides, Vitamin and Mineral Complex
UPC: 689076724531
Item Number: DS_SPERS
Manufacturer Part No: DS_SPERS

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