Elemis body lotion

Elemis, a skincare brand founded in the early 1990s, provides not only Elemis body lotion products, but a number of product lines for individuals wishing to use more natural ingredients and chemically synthesized ingredients in a skincare products. Elemis is so dedicated and devoted to utilizing the bounty of Mother Nature that the company plants, grows and harvests many of the ingredients that go into their skincare lines, including flowers, flower extracts, tree oils, leaves, twigs, and bark that have been utilized in folk medicine from the time of the ancient Egyptians until today.

Elemis body lotion comes in a variety of products including Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream, a replenishing night cream, a pro-collagen and marine cream, pro-collagen and oxygenating night creams and others, including SOS emergency cream, resurfacing night cream and, one of its most popular products, exotic lime and ginger hand and body lotion.

When it comes to body lotion, it's not just about how it makes your skin feel, but what it does for your skin that it's important. Elemis body lotion contains extracts of lime and ginger, as well as camphor for detoxifying and soothing irritated areas on your skin. The lotion is filled with hydrating components that protect the skin from pollution, toxins, and increases skin cell activity and rejuvenation. Fragrance from ginger, lime, and citrus oils also make you smell good, and sesame seed and Shea butter penetrate and moisturize, giving your skin that luxurious, velvety feel that you want.

One of the main ingredients in Elemis body lotion is water, as water is the most important element for cellular life functions.  Additional ingredients, including flower extracts, seed extracts, and seed oils ensure that you are skin will receive the moisturization and hydration it needs to replenish, repair, and rejuvenate, while at the same time providing that oh-so-smooth texture that you desire.