Elemis Cleanser

Facial cleansers are all the same, right? Wrong. Many facial cleansers today contain harsh chemicals that may be effective in cleansing the skin, but often leave it feeling tight, dry, and itchy. Elemis cleanser products provide the cleansing benefits you need, coupled with moisturizing, hydrating, and beneficial components found in Mother Nature to give you a clean, smooth, and fresh outlook on skin care.

Elemis cleanser lines provide consumers with a wide variety of options, including cleansers that contain extracts from chamomile flowers, lime blossoms, and rose petals.  Such ingredients have been used for thousands of years by women (and men) in ancient Egypt, the Far East, and in Native American medicine. Mother Nature does know best, and produces a number of elements that are especially effective and beneficial in skin care health and wellness.

When it comes to choosing the best cleanser for your face, make sure you read the ingredients and know what those ingredients are designed to do. Avoid products that over dry your skin, but rather leave it smooth and conditioned. What makes Elemis cleanser products of different? The label says it all. Use of vitamin E, which provides antioxidant benefits, as well as a vitamin A, a rich, Omega fatty acid that soothes irritated skin, while Lecithin provides mineral oils and moisturizers that sink deep into skin layers after cleansing. Water should be a major ingredient in any facial cleanser, not only providing cleansing capabilities, but hydration and moisturization that skin cells desperately need.

Elemis cleanser product lines are also excellent for individuals with sensitive skin, containing components to reduce inflammation and irritation. Clean your skin, but don't leave it dried out, flaky, and itchy. Choose cleansers that contain healing components and extracts to give your face a lift, every time you clean.