Elemis Cream-Elemis Pro Collagen

When Elemis hit the market in 1991, no one realized how popular it was going to be.People everywhere were reporting drastic results regarding all sorts of conditions that reached far beyond acne and the signs of aging.This line also gives customers and professionals the option to create a formula that is tailored to their needs.

Through technological advancements, Elemis has been able to maintain the purity of its ingredients to give you the safest, most potent formulas possible.Since all of the substances that are the healthiest for your skin can be found within the earth, all of Elemis’ skincare products contain high levels of rich botanicals and essential oils.As if this didn’t already make this a wonderful line of skincare treatments, Elemis took it even one step further: they grow and harvest their OWN materials!This ensures only the utmost sophistication and control in all their products.(If that doesn’t hook you, you might want to know where their extra materials go—to other companies!That’s right; they want to help others.)

Since the Elemis line originated for the spa, you know that you are getting only the top of the line in skin treatment.The company’s products are never tested on animals nor do they contain any animal byproducts.This goes against everything Elemis believes, which is true beauty and natural elegance.Your skin is an organ, just like your heart.Would you give you heart less than the best care?Probably not, and your skin is no different.Stick with Elemis and you can rest assured that you’ll achieve the glowing, gorgeous complexion that you deserve.