Elemis was founded in 1989 and is a leading British skincare brand sold in over 1,200 spas and salons worldwide. Founded by Linda Steiner in London, UK, Elemis was founded to help her achieve her dream of selling luxury skincare products that were “as near to nature as possible”. She worked with Jan Kusmirek, a world-class formulator, and Noella Gabriel, a professional therapist and educator, and launched Elemis in 1990. Elemis began appearing in spas and cruise ships over the next few years.

It maintains flagship spas in London, Miami, and Hong Kong.

What they’re known for

Elemis uses ingredients and oils from the first extraction of plant material. This means that they get the fullest effects, since later pressings and extractions of the same material produce a less-effective ingredient. Although later extractions are much cheaper to source, the power is diminished and Elemis won’t accept the material. Elemis is an innovative company that is always looking to improve their skincare line and find new techniques that will help their ingredients have an even more powerful effect.

Best lines

The Elemis Absolutes line contains the purest form of living energy that can possibly be transferred from a plant to skin.

Elemis has recently launched a new line of products, Freshskin, for those in their teens and twenties. It’s designed to nurture young skin, preventing premature aging while giving dull skin a brighter glow.

Elemis also has a line of spa products formulated specifically for men.

Anti-aging line

Elemis developed its anti-aging line in collaboration with doctors and skincare specialists. The line focuses on renewal, using collagen-boosting plant and marine ingredients.

The line offers three steps: anti-pollution detox, active cellular delivery, and extra-cellular restructuring.

Anti-pollution detox helps to clear the skin of harmful environmental toxins and stressors, such as illness, stress, smoking, sun damage, and pollution. These toxins can smother individual cells, leaving them unable to breathe or process nutrients. Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules have anti-oxidants and micro-encapsulated vitamins that helps clean and rejuvenate the user’s cellular matrix. Freshly cleaned cells can then reap the benefits of the step two anti-aging treatment formulations.

The active cellular delivery step contains the greatest variety of skincare products, those that target and treat the signs of aging. These formulas recognize that collagen and elastin are essential elements of the user’s skin that help to keep cells plump, youthful, and firm. Since the production of these two naturally-occurring skin boosters lessens after age 25, it’s important to replenish them daily from another source. Elemis formulas mimic the body’s own anti-aging functions to boost collagen levels, hydrate, and speed up the growth of new cells. This leads to younger-, smoother-, and clearer-looking skin. The skincare selection for this step includes daytime and nighttime moisturizers, resurfacing, neck and eye formulas, and exfoliators and masks.

Step three is the extra-cellular restructuring step, that provides a finishing touch so skin has a more youthful appearance. A product like the Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum, with quartz, rhodochrosite, and padina pavonica, strengthens the skin’s surface by using concentrated actives and hydrophilic (water attracting) bases. The cell-plumping and collagen-supporting actives can be used every day to help to provide a smoother, firmer, and more youthful appearance.

Best Selling Products in Elemis Line

elemis tri-enzyme resurfacing facial wash

elemis s.o.s emergency cream

elemis- pro-collagen- marine- cream

elemis pro radiance cream cleanser

 Main ingredients

Every ingredient in Elemis skincare products has medical grade actives for real therapeutic activity. This helps Elemis maintain its spot as one of the innovative leaders in advanced phyto-therapy and aroma-therapeutic formulations. Ingredients are never selected just because they feel good on the skin; they must have a positive impact on the skin by nourishing, hydrating, protecting, or aiding with deep penetration for other ingredients.

Elemis controls every element of new products, from the seeds selected and type of soil to the selection of an extraction process. When possible, every ingredient is derived from organic extracts, Absolutes, the first extraction of pure essential oils, naturally-occurring emulsifiers, skin-softening emollients, herbs, or clinically-proven collagen-boosting seaweed tracts.

All formulas used by Elemis are free from parabens, SLS, SLES, EDA, mineral oils, artificial colors, and silicones.


Elemis offers a blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology. The company continues to invest heavily in research, development, and clinical trials, always striving to find newer and more effective techniques, such as its Tri-Enzyme technology for Elemis’ state-of-the-art resurfacing range of products. One of Elemis skincare’s most recent discoveries is a seaweed farmed off the coast of Malta. It has shown powerful collagen-boosting effects.

Elemis employs powerful, cutting-edge computer technology. Using lifestyle programming and clinical imaging and facial mapping, therapists can learn more about individual skin types.