Elemis Brings Luxurious Pampering to Skin care

Elemis Skin Care ProductElemis is a British-based skincare company that offers spa treatments, as well as skincare product lines across the globe. The company originated within the spa industry, but grew to include a wide skincare line available through many high-end spas, particularly those on cruise ships, and online retailers.

Since the original launch of the company in 1989, Elemis skincare is committed to providing formulas that address a host of skin issues and provide dramatic results. All of the Elemis products are defined by nature and led by science to produce potent treatment formulas that bring users to healthier, more beautiful skin.

About the Company

Elemis originated in 1989, when founder Linda Steiner has a vision to provide the retail industry with a line of high-quality, all natural skincare products. Steiner teamed up with renowned formulator Jan Kusmirek and professional therapist Noella Gabriel to launch the complete Elemis skincare line in1990. Just one year later, Elemis skincare was introduced to the professional spa market, with dynamic treatment options for a host of skin needs. At that time, the Elemis line continued to evolve, with innovative marketing, packaging and product development.

Today, Elemis is considered the premiere skincare line in Great Britain , with products developed for professional treatment first and the retail market second. This ensures that every Elemis skincare formula is created using the highest quality of ingredients in the most potent combinations for the best results possible. The Elemis skincare lines can be customized to an individual's needs, by educating professionals and customers alike in how to make the most of the Elemis products.

About the Ingredients

The ingredients found in the Elemis skincare products offer a potent combination of nature and technology. All of the formulas use rich botanicals and essential oils because Elemis believes that everything we need for our skin can be found in nature, particularly when the natural ingredients are combined with the latest in skincare technology.

To ensure the highest quality of ingredients, Elemis grows and harvests all of the botanicals that go into their formulas. In fact, Elemis takes their overflow from their harvests and sells it to other skincare companies to use in their formulas as well. This fact alone separates Elemis from many of the other skincare producers across the globe.

About the Products

Because all of the Elemis products were originally designed for professional use, customers can rest assured they are getting the highest quality of formulas possible in all the Elemis skincare products they buy. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream uses the marine extract padina pavonica, which has been shown to decrease wrinkle depth while increasing the skin's hydration for a softer, suppler complexion. The Elemis Absolute Eye Serum uses a rich combination of essential oils to rejuvenate the eye area. It also brightens the under eye area and reduces puffiness for a younger appearance.

Elemis has mastered the art of combining all natural ingredients with the latest in scientific technology to produce a skincare line that promotes optimal health, as well as beauty. With formulas originally designed for professional use, customers can rest assured Elemis skincare is made for results.