Eminence, Beauty from Nature

What do you imagine when you think of the companies that product skin care products? You envision assembly lines, machine-operated productions, and the same things being made in bulk quantities, right? Out of Hungary comes something much more personalized: Eminence. You will be shocked to find out what goes into the manufacturing of this product line. All of the ingredients are not only organic but they are also hand-picked AND hand-mixed when the formulas are being created. For Eminence, it is not about how many products they can produce per minute or the quantity that they can churn out in a day. It’s all about the quality of the formulas, and these people demand nothing but the best.

So what exactly goes into these miracle formulas? If it doesn’t come from nature and isn’t 100% safe, Eminence wants nothing to do with it. That’s why they rely on fruits, herbs, and water. Fruit is an important component of many of the formulas. We all know how beneficial it is when we consume it. Why should it be limited to merely being digested? Fruit is also great for your skin. With the abundance of antioxidants that produce provides, the Eminence formulas are able to combat things like the effects environmental free radicals from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, smoke, and pollution that ultimately contribute to the signs of aging and even certain types of diseases. By taking advantage of the fruits’ pulp, seeds, and peels, this line has been able to design fresh, environmentally-friendly products for your skin. Don’t forget that during the farming of these fruits, pesticides are never used! You can trust that you’re not being exposed to any dangerous chemicals. As if this wasn’t great enough, all farming methods rely solely on wind and solar power.

As mentioned above, fresh herbs are also an important part of Eminence’s formulas. Herbs, like fruit, have been found to be good not only for your insides but your outsides as well! One of the biggest advantages that they bring with them is their anti-inflammatory capabilities. What does this mean? It means that after you use one of Eminence’s skin care products, you will never have to worry about the irritation that many people suffer from after using certain skin care mixtures. With this product line, negative side effects will never make an appearance. In addition to their anti-inflammatory powers, fresh herbs are also wonderful for cleansing and detoxifying, two absolutely crucial things to have when dealing with your skin.

Finally, all of the Eminence products utilize water—thermal water, to be exact. We all know by now that the majority of the human body is comprised of water, so this is definitely something that you don’t want to deprive your skin of. The thermal water comes from hot spring lakes in Hungary and provides natural mineral salts as well as a healthy pH balance. This is one of the reasons that the Eminence products are suitable for every skin type, whether it be oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination. Before being used, the water is fermented and heated, maximizing its potency and abilities.