Epionce Lytic Lotion

Episciences, Inc. integrated twenty years of clinical research into the creation of these highly effective dermatological Epionce products. The Epionce line is a comprehensive approach to skin wellness, designed to improve the appearance and health of the skin. Among the top solutions by Epionce is the Epionce Lytic Lotion. Because many skin conditions cause a disruption in tone that leads to chronic inflammation, Epionce Lytic Lotion provides a protective skin barrier to ward off these harmful effects.

Epionce Lytic Lotion treats skin imperfections and improves the skin’s tone and texture. This product is clinically proven to work to reverse the visible signs of aging when used with Epionce renewal products. There are many key benefits of Epionce Lytic Lotion. It reduces redness, rids the skin of bacteria and yeasts, and soothes irritation. This solution is perfect for those with combination skin or those with acne-prone skin.

The main ingredients in Epionce Lytic Lotion are willow bark extract, salicylates, meadowfoam, zinc pyrithione, date extract, and rose hip oil complex. These constituents are safe enough for an infant’s skin, yet strong enough to eliminate the skin’s imperfections and age-related texture.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, try the Epionce Lytic Lotion Lite. This solution effectively smooths uneven skin texture and improves skin tone. Great for those with a disrupted skin barrier caused by dermatitis or rosacea, Epionce Lytic Lotion Lite can be used during pregnancy and by the elderly. Made from natural botanicals like willow bark extract, rose hip oil complex, and madow foam, this product leaves your skin smelling lovely and looking remarkable.

For maximum-strength, try Epionce Lytic Lotion Plus. This solution is eight times stronger than the regular lotion for the treatment of oily, problematic skin of teenagers and young adults. Epionce Lytic Lotion Plus eliminates whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, and inflamed blemishes. For reduction of irritation, scaly growths, and redness, many use Epionce Lytic Lotion Plus to regulate oil production and eliminate injurious bacteria.

Epionce Lytic Lotion is a topical solution that remains on the skin’s surface, deeply penetrating the skin to strengthen its mechanisms and reverse skin inflammation. For more radiant skin that is smooth and toned, use Epionce Lytic Lotion daily for best results.