Exfoliate the skin with right exfoliating cream

We need to take care of our skin as best as we can. Besides cleansing your skin, moisturizing your face and wearing sunscreen being part of our daily beauty treatment, there is one more important step that we must practice for a clean complexion. Exfoliate the skin with exfoliating cream , the process by which we remove dead skin cells from skin’s outermost layer.

When we exfoliate the skin, we allow old skin cells to be removed and replaced with new ones. By exfoliating the skin with nourishing exfoliating cream , you can get rid of any traces of such old and dead cells that get left behind and restore your skin health. Exfoliating your skin regularly can help you eliminate problems of dry skin, such as age spots and scars and helps close skin pores and give you young, smooth, healthy and firm complexion.

Need for exfoliating your skin:

·         Exfoliating cream helps remove old skin cells and makes new cells visible.

·         By this process, the skin looks fresh, smooth and paves the way for moisturizers to enter the skin easily.

·         The red marks of an acne breakout can be erased if you use exfoliating products on your face. This encourages new and healthy skin tissue to form.

·         If you have clogged pores, it’s better to get rid of them so that less oil remains trapped in the pores.

How to exfoliate your skin: Here’s an easy five-step procedure of exfoliating your skin:

1.    Wet your face and body with water.

2.    Choose an exfoliating cream made of oatmeal, ground coffee beans, papaya or jojoba beads.

3.    Apply the exfoliating cream to your body and rub gently in a circular motion until all dead cells are removed. Keep away from the eyes.

4.    Rinse and remove all the exfoliating and dry with a towel.

5.    Dab on a good moisturizer with ingredients like grape seed oil, shea butter, and sweet almond or avocado oil. Do this once or twice a week if you have normal or dry skin, or more if you have oily skin.

Exfoliation for different skin types: Exfoliation is beneficial on all skin types. Let’s see how:

·         Dry skin: For your kind of skin, you need to choose a gentle exfoliating product and exfoliate just once a week. Your skin must get the maximum amount of sebum to keep your skin moisturized.

·         Oily skin: Those with oily skin have a thicker layer of epidermis, due to which sebum is over-produced, causing acne. Using exfoliation products help remove all dead skin cells, oil and dirt from within the pores. For oily skin, the best exfoliators should have ingredients like witch hazel, calendula, tea tree oil, calendula or cucumber to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of acne. Exfoliate twice a week.

·         Normal skin: Use mild facial exfoliation products and see how it livens up your face once all the dead cells are removed. Exfoliate once a week.

·         Combination skin: If you have oily patches prone to pimples, use exfoliating skin products on these body parts once a week, using a gentle exfoliator.

You may choose any means to exfoliate your face, but if you’re looking for the assistance of quality exfoliation products, may we recommend Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub 2.5 fl oz. This product made with ivy, aloe vera, cucumber and mallow extracts and is a mild treatment that polishes and nourishes your skin. Meant for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin can use it as it does not contain any chemicals, fragrance or artificial dyes. 

You might also like to try another light exfoliation products, DDF Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel 1.7oz. Its special formulations help get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and body toxins, and so helps reinvigorate the skin.

And lastly, you might like to try Astara02, an aloe vera-based organic exfoliant, formulated with several natural herbs such as organic aloe vera, chamomile, comfrey, algae, calendula, sweet orange, grapefruit and mandarin orange. It also contains diatomaceous earth from the ocean bed, which help to remove dead skin cells, improve skin health, and better absorb skin nutrients. The result: clean, revitalized skin without fine lines and wrinkles.

For best results, apply a little of exfoliating cream on your damp skin after cleansing. Now, massage your face with exfoliating cream in a circular direction, using your fingertips.

There’s a wealth of such exfoliating cream all around you. Scout around and you’ll find the one that’s right for you.