Exhilarate Your Skin with Exuviance

For those searching for a brand that will work spectacularly with oily, dry or acne prone skin types, Neostrata has created a solution. Exuviance is one of the latest skin care brands to hit the market. The Exuviance brand, like all Neostrata products, has been developed by highly respected dermatologists who have dedicated many years to the research, creation and testing of these products. So, consumers can rest assured that each of the Exuviance products is carefully formulated to address the specific needs of the skin.

By rigorously studying the Alpha Hydroxy, Poly Hydroxy and Bionic Poly Hydroxy Acids, the dynamic ideas for the creation of Exuviance began. Specific blends of these acids, combined with other skin beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, as well as the innovative use of antioxidants and other natural ingredients, has brought about a product line unlike any other on the market today. In fact, Exuviance is so dynamic that many of this brand’s products actually have the ability to treat more than one skin type. This, alone, is uncommon to find in any product and it is safe to say that there truly are not many product lines available that have such an esteemed reputation.

The Exuviance product line ranges in offerings. However, from the Acne-Prone Collection, which addresses the needs of individuals of all ages that are affected by acne, to dry skin aiding products such as the Moisture Balance Toner, to their Vespera Bionic Serum, Exuviance has created a product to fit almost every skin care need. DrSkinSpa takes great pride in offering the Exuviance brand to you at a highly favorable rate because, the fact of the matter is that from adolescence to old age, Exuviance has you covered when it comes to your skin care needs. Browse and shop from our wide selection of Exuviance skin care products.