Why The Skin Around Your Eyes is So Very Special

There is a good reason why eye skin care is so important.  Think about how many individualized expressions you convey with your eyes.  You can’t express any of it, really, without moving the skin that surrounds them.  You frown, you squint, you smile, you show surprise and dozens of other certain looks and your skin crinkles up or stretches out in response. 

Some people are proud of the lines and wrinkles they’ve developed on the skin around their eyes, believing it shows their life stories and their character.  So, yes, your eye area is very special.  But it’s also special in other, less positive ways, depending upon your viewpoint. 

Did you realize that the skin surrounding your eyes is about ten times thinner than the skin around the rest of your face?  Think about that!  Because the skin is thinner, it is usually the first place where signs of aging are seen.  All of those repetitive facial expressions you make, while giving you character and personality, also give you set-in lines and wrinkles that not all of us wish to live with. 

The skin around the eyes is also referred to as the periocular area.  As we age, this periocular area also ages, becoming even thinner because of collagen deterioration.  The skin’s elasticity also breaks down.  The skin is left looking wrinkled, dehydrated, puffy and tired.  You can look especially tired when dark circles or shadows become more prominent in this eye area.  At this point (or sooner if you anticipate this happening), many women seek out an eye firming cream.  Eye firming products can do wonders to tighten up that special periocular skin, making you look younger and less tired out. 

The skin around the eyes, besides being thin, is also more sensitive than other skin areas.  This makes it important to find an eye firming cream that will not upset the delicate skin there.  You’ll need to find an eye night cream, for instance, that will not irritate the skin.  So it must be gentle yet effective.  An eye night cream or any eye moisturizers should be working to exfoliate the skin ever so gently in order to treat wrinkles.  Eye skin care should also include eye firming products that contain natural ingredients such as vitamins, anti oxidants, exfoliants such as alpha hydroxy acids, botanicals and/or special eye moisturizers.

Vitamins, such as Vitamin C, are needed in an eye skin care regimen because it helps fight off free radicals.  Free radicals are very tiny molecules that have gone off kilter in your skin and they number in the thousands if your skin is damaged by the sun, pollution or stress.  Free radicals endanger normal cell function by taking away the oxygen they need to flourish and keep your skin healthy.  These free radicals can also damage the cell membrane.  The antioxidants found in certain vitamins and other natural substances that are in some eye firming products neutralize these free radicals before the damage can be done.  This is key in keeping the skin around your eyes special and young looking.

Another vitamin, Vitamin K, helps heal the delicate eye skin and relieves the dark circles that can form there.  Vitamin K is also known as phytonadione in some ingredient listings on an eye firming cream package.  You should also read the label for the inclusion of Vitamin A or Retinol.  Retinol will help with skin cell regeneration, restoring vitality and elasticity to thinning, aging skin around the eyes.  And Vitamin A is also an all important anti oxidant, again, keeping those free radicals at bay. 

Any quality eye night cream you choose should contain yet another vitamin:  Vitamin E.  Vitamin E is a known healing agent and anti oxidant.  If you’ve ever had a wound and placed pure Vitamin E on it on a regular basis, you would know that it helps prevent scarring and heals your wounds more quickly. 

Your special eye skin care routine deserves a hard-working eye firming cream with vitamins, peptides, and natural moisturizers in it.  Look into Ageless Derma Retinol and Vitamin K Eye Cream as one example of fine eye moisturizers and healing agents.  Ageless Derma’s eye firming cream contains the very vitamins necessary for free radical help and reduction of wrinkles.

An excellent eye night cream is essential for the special, delicate, thin skin around your eyes.  With proper eye skin care, you need never look older than you want to.