Face cream for dry skin and face cream for sensitive skin

A lot is known of oily and dry skin but what about sensitive skin? The funny thing is that dry skin is one of the symptoms of sensitive skin; the dryness is the cause of a big chunk of the reactions on sensitive skin such as redness and itching.

Other signs of sensitive skin include being susceptible to sun burn and in some cases easy formation of freckles when exposed to a lot of sun. Sensitive skin is also prone to skin allergies, the most common ones are food allergies where you eat something and get break outs. Changes in temperature can also cause sensitive skin to react as well as extreme temperature changes and use of harsh chemicals and fragrances.

There are a few things that should be avoided when it comes to sensitive skin and exfoliating is one of them. It strips away the protective layer of the skin and can be irritating to skin. With this in mind sensitive skin still needs to be put through a good skin care regime. It’s still essential to cleanse tone and moisturize it. The most important is to look out for face cream for dry skin made specifically for sensitive skin as they have put into consideration what needs to be used when dealing with sensitive skin.

When selecting a cleanser or toner for sensitive skin get one that is hypoallergenic and look out for fragrances as they do not go well with sensitive skin. With sensitive skin always opt for the ingredients that are as close to natural as possible. These have a soothing and anti inflammatory effect on the skin and not forgetting that our skins absorb these ingredients better as they are not toxic to the system. A good example is calendula, allantoin as well as chamomile.

When it comes to going for natural products for sensitive skin in face cream for dry skin and face cream for sensitive skin there are some great ingredients that are easily available even in your kitchen. A good example is oatmeal, cucumber, soy and avocado.  One can even go a step further and have enriching home masks with these as it will prove beneficial to skin.

Sensitive skin will benefit even more with the use of sunscreen so it’s good to invest in a for sensitive skin with an SPF of 15 and above. With face creams for sensitive skin having those that are derived from natural products is best. Go for healing and soothing ingredients such as aloe vera which also has the ability to protect your skin. In addition if you choose to use make up on your sensitive skin go a step further with the sun screen and opt for an SPF 30,keep in mind that liquid mineral make up is also the best choice for sensitive skin.

There are various examples of good face cream for dry skin and face cream for sensitive skin.

 You can also encounter other skin care products such as face creams for dry skin. The facial treatment for dry skin is quite close to that of face cream for sensitive skin. Both skins are quite sensitive to harsh conditions, chemicals and treatments and so have similarity in treatment.

face cream for sensitive skin and face cream for dry skin is to maintain skin hydration. It’s important to keep this types of skin moisturized all the time otherwise they get irritated and irritated skin is more susceptible to skin ailments such as rosacea, eczema and others.

Deficiency of certain vitamins in the diets can also exacerbate dry and sensitive skin. These include vitamin B complex, C and E. Vitamin B especially is great at dealing with sensitive skin issues and to increase its level in our bodies we need to eat more whole grain, wheat germ, low fat dairy products, sunflower oils among others.

People with sensitive skin should also be very careful before taking up the use of any face creams for sensitive skin, the first thing to do is consult a dermatologist especially when there is severe irritation on skin. If not promptly taken care of irritated skin can end up getting more serious infections that will take longer to heal.

With face creams for dry skin and face cream for sensitive skin don’t forget to moisturize and keep away from products that have ingredients with a drying effect such as alcohol. Keeping yourself adequately hydrated by taking lots of water and eating lots of fruits will serve you well whether you have dry or sensitive skin.