How Facial Peels Add Youth and Vibrancy to the Skin

Between environmental pollution, the sun's harmful rays and the natural aging process, our skin takes a beating every day. Wouldn't it be great if we could simply erase the negative effects on our skin, leaving smoother, younger-looking skin behind? Now you can, thanks to the many peels available for both home and professional use today!

A peel gives your skin a thorough exfoliating treatment, removing dead, dry skin cells on the surface and leaving smoother, softer skin underneath. Learn about the basics of both home and professional peels so you can determine if this treatment is right for you.

Professional Peels

Many chemical peels are done in the office of a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. These treatments remove a larger layer of skin from the face, and therefore, they require a doctor's supervision to perform them properly. Professional peels range from superficial peels that require no anesthesia and little recovery time, to deep peels that remove significantly more skin and require anesthesia to complete. The type of peel you choose will depend on the results you want to see and the level of damage that has occurred.

Once of the most popular professional peels available today is the PCA peel, which uses alpha hydroxy acids and a variety of other ingredients to address different skin conditions. They are commonly used to treat cystic acne, sun damage, pigment discolorations and the effects of aging. Most PCA peels do not require any type of anesthesia, although a sedative may be administered for the comfort of the patient. There is little discomfort or recovery time after the procedure.

Home Peels

For those who prefer frequent exfoliation from the comfort of home, cosmetic peels are also available for this purpose. Home peels generally use alpha or beta hydroxy acids or a combination of the two. Enzymes may also be used to smooth and clarify the complexion. These peels can be used more frequently and cost much less than professional peels. However, results are not as dramatic, and the treatment will need to be repeated more frequently to achieve desired results.

Elemis offers a papaya enzyme peel that can be used daily to smooth and clarify the skin. This gentle Elemis exfoliating treatment will leave skin looking softer and smoother every day. This home peel is appropriate for all skin types; even those with sensitive skin. When the Elemis product is used regularly, it will make a difference in the overall look of the skin without drying the complexion or causing irritation. This product is designed to be used with other Elemis formulas, including the resurfacing facial wash and rejuvenating mask for best effect.

PCA Advanced Skincare offers excellent treatment options that will comfortably rejuvenate and sooth your skin after a peel. The PCA pHaze 11 Apres Peel Soothing Balm utilizes hydrocortisone, aloe gel, and a variety of luxurious oils to help hydrate your skin – helping you quickly enjoy the results of a peel. Or consider PCA pHaze 11+ Apres Peel Hydrating Balm, which utilizes phytohormones to plump the collagen in your skin, while simultaneously hydrating your cells.

Peels are an excellent way to recharge the skin and eliminate flaws like rough patches, pigmentation irregularities and the effects of aging. The depth of the peel will determine how dramatic the results of your treatment will be. Whether you choose a professional peel at the office of a dermatologist or opt for a home skin care system, a peel will provide you with softer, smoother skin.