Get To Know PCA Skin Care

Physicians Care Alliance, or PCA Skin Care, was founded in 1990.  Although, at that time it was known as Physician's Choice of Arizona, Inc.  It was started by a small group of doctors and an cosmetologist who specialized in skincare treatments.  Their goal was to make people's lives better by providing prove, effective skincare treatments, both for daily use and for specific conditions.

These days, PCA Skin Care has expanded to become a global company.  More than 5,000 United States medical practices use PCA Skin Care products, and their products can also be found in over 70 countries across the globe.

Over the past two decades that PCA Skin Care has existed, the line of PCA skin products has continued to grow, expand, and improve.  For example, they are known for their unique chemical peel formulas and blends.  That includes enhanced Jessner's peels, as well as blended TCA peels and other peel options.

For those that don't want to go quite as far as a chemical peel, PCA Skin Care has also developed some alternatives.  For example, they have a Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment, which is designed to gently purify the skin.

Other PCA skin products include cleansers, therapeutic masks, and toners.  There are also complete PCA Skin Care lines to treat certain skin conditions.  For example, they have a Breakout Supplement kit that includes 3 products.  They also have two different Acne Control Solution kits, one of which is specifically designed for those with dry skin.

The Ingredients:

Each of the PCA Skin Care solutions contains certain key ingredients that are known for their skin benefits.  For example, many of them contain an aloe vera base.  Aloe vera is known for its skin-soothing properties.  In fact, it has been used time and time again over the years to treat sun burns and other minor burns and irritations.

Another of the common ingredients in PCA products is Alpha Hydroxy Acid.  To be more precise, there are several Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) used in their products.  AHAs are known for their ability to remove the top layer of skin, which is all dead skin.  They have also been known to smooth out wrinkles and have other skin benefits.

In general, the PCA Skin Care lines contain proven active ingredients.  Their products have each been carefully tailored to meet certain skincare needs. That is why the company has stayed strong for over 20 years and become a leader in skincare.