Glominerals Offer Good-for-You Beauty Solutions

Glominerals is primarily a cosmetic company that offers mineral-based formulas that treat the skin while enhancing it. This extensive makeup line is suitable for just about every skin type and tone, ensuring every woman can find the perfect Glominerals collection for her needs. Glominerals products are used both by professionals in the skin care industry, as well as by consumers at home to achieve a naturally beautiful complexion.

About the Company

Glominerals was originally launched in 1998 by Bare Minerals, a company that had discovered the many benefits mineral makeup had to offer. At this time, mineral-based cosmetics were just coming into vogue, with a number of companies cashing in on the mineral craze. However, the market also saw its share of less-than-stellar products containing synthetic fillers and other substances that interfered with the benefits the minerals were supposed to provide.

Glominerals countered the lower-quality products by providing the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients, potent antioxidants and triple-milled minerals for cosmetics that protect and treat the skin. Today, Glominerals are some of the most popular mineral makeup products in the world, as dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skincare professionals are generally quick to sing the praises of this brand.

About the Ingredients

Mineral makeup is only as effective as the ingredients that go into it, so Glominerals doesn't skimp when it comes to finding the highest grade substances possible for their formulas. An antioxidant complex containing vitamins A, C and E, and green tea extract protect the skin from environmental free radical damage and ward off the signs of aging. Triple-milled minerals ensure the minerals go into the formulas in their purest form for stellar coverage without worry over skin irritation.

About the Products

Glominerals offers a wide range of cosmetics for the cheeks, eyes and lips. They also have an extensive selection of base products that include foundations and concealers. There is a large selection of shades to ensure everyone can find the perfect match to her own skin tone and accents to make the most of her coloring. Eyeshadows come in both individual, triple and quad offerings, so you can mix and match as you like, or simply choose the set that you like best.

Lip color comes in traditional lipstick, gloss or a lip plumping formula with marine extracts that produce a sexy pout. Lip pencils also help keep color in place, while gloTint for cheeks and lips makes it easy to coordinate your look in a single product. Foundations and concealers are rich in antioxidants and UV protection so your skin remains healthy while blemishes and discolorations remain safely under wraps. Customers can choose between powder and liquid applications, depending on their skin type and individual needs.

Glominerals cosmetics give a whole new meaning to makeup, with nutrient-rich formulas that treat and enhance the skin at the same time. With many products and color palettes to choose from, women can easily find the shades and formulas that will work best for them. Glominerals can be purchased through brick and mortar stores, online retailers and company-authorized Internet dealers.