Glytone Cleanser

One of the best ways to nourish skin into a healthy state is to use a proper cleanser. Throughout the day, the skin is subjected to numerous impurities – particles in the air, cosmetics, oil production and dry skin cells sloughing off in a natural process. One of the best ways to cleanse the skin is to use a Glytone cleanser, which contains a nourishing amount of glycolic acid to deeply cleanse the pores before they become plugged and create an outbreak or blemish. What makes the Glytone product line unique is it cleanses the skin completely without stripping away natural moisture – and if you’ve ever dealt with acne products, you know how drying they can be! When using a cleanser, use some of these tips in your daily routine to get the most out of your product:
  • Use a makeup remover before using a facial cleanser. While facial cleansers do great at getting deep into the pores for a thorough cleaning, some of the ingredients don’t fully wipe away cosmetics. Waterproof makeup or SPF is even harder to get off so use a cleansing wipe or oil-based cleansing cream to remove makeup and then use the Glytone cleanser to clean pores.
  • Only cleanse when your skin needs it! There are conflicting reports out there that say you should wash the skin once or twice a day. If your skin is oily, twice a day gentle cleansing might be beneficial, but dry skin can only tolerate a cleansing once a day. Go with what works for your skin. If you sweat during a workout or being outside, gently wipe the skin with a cleansing cloth to prevent the gunk from building up in the pores.
  • Opt for glycolic acid over scrubs. The gentle ingredients found in Glytone cleanser products safely slough away dry skin cells, while nut fragment scrubs can cause more harm than good by irritating the surface of the skin with microscopic cuts.

Use these simple cleansing tips to ensure you get the most out of your cleansing product and your skin stays healthy and fresh!