Glytone Lotion- Glytone Cream and Glytone wash

Two renowned pharmacists decided to research the effects of glycolic acid on human skin.  There was a lot to discover since glycolic acid wasn’t a very used ingredient.  The results of the research were amazing and in 1992, they decided to create a line of products based around this magical sugar cane derivative.  The resulting company was Genesis Pharmaceuticals, which was later purchased by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique—a remarkable company with 50 years of history.  Glytone lotion and Glytone Cream is a patented product resulting of a special process of Glycolic Acid and remains the only American product they sell.           

Glycolic acid is highly renowned for its effective results in cell repair and renewal. This effective ingredient has lasting results since it begins in the deepest layers of skin and works from the inside out by removing dead skin, and nurturing dry skin.  The result of this process is clean, hydrated, exfoliated skin. This, in addition to other effective ingredients, creates an effective, powerful product.           

Scientists have worked to create a personalized product for each skin problem.  Whether the problem is acne, wrinkles, redness, rosacea, or irritation, there is a  product to help.  Glytone Lotion and Glytone cream products have specially formulated gels, serums, peels, creams, lotions, sprays, masks, and body washes.  Whatever your need, body or facial, Glytone will be there to help you transform your skin.  These products are general or specific and can be found to target the skin as a whole, or specific areas, such as eyes.  Glytone also created skin treatment kits, like the Glytone Acne Treatment Back Spray.  This is a kit that’s comprised of the best treatments for the problem.   Glytone wash knows that back acne can be embarrassing, and created this effective method of clearing up your skin’s problem areas.

Glytone Cream and Glytone Lotion products know that both safety and beauty are important, so they combined both efforts to create the safest, most effective products possible.   Nobody should have to hide because of their skin.  Put your undesired skin problems in the past, and move into a clearer skin and a happier future!   Don’t wait! You have nothing to lose but blemishes and problems.