Benefits of Glytone Wash

Many people are not sure of the benefits between using a body wash and good old fashioned soap – well, they will both clean your skin but one product will strip away natural moisture in the skin and then other will keep your body hydrated. Though some traditional soap is advertised as ‘hydrating’ or ‘moisturizing’, they still don’t offer the deep treatment a good quality body wash, such as the Glytone wash, offers users.

A body wash is designed for three basic functions:

  • Improving the look, feel and texture of the skin
  • Cleansing
  • Moisturizing

Though some still have doubts body wash can clean as well as a bar of soap, it’s time to give body wash a chance! They have been shown to be just as effective as cleansing away dirt or buildup from the skin as well as a bar of soap, but infusing the skin with hydrating properties. Have you ever felt like your skin was tight and dry after taking a shower with a bar of soap? Bar soap does cleanse the skin, but often contains harsh ingredients for the skin. Using a Glytone wash in place of your drugstore body wash offers many benefits to the skin. 

Glytone skin care products features antioxidants and nutrient-rich ingredients so that skin reaps the full benefits of the high quality product. Those looking for an anti-aging product will be pleased to learn the skin care line nourishes skin and gently sloughs away dry skin for a more youthful glow. One such product, the Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash offers a thorough clean for all skin types. Whether you are experiencing the dry skin of winter or want to smooth your body out for summer, the Exfoliating Body Wash gently buffs away dry patches and areas of rough skin with an enriched formula complete with glycolic acid.

To use the Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash, massage a small amount of the product onto the skin using a sponge or loofah and then rinse with warm water. After drying off from the shower, be sure to apply a skin moisturizer to lock in hydration for soft, smooth skin!