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Top cellular research biologist Dr. Stephen Hsu from the Department of Oral Biology in the Medical College of Georgia was successfully able to connect the real powers of green tea extract to skin cell rejuvenation.  He was able to discover that the polyphenols in the green tea extract (more specifically, the EGCG) actually act as potent antioxidants that are able to encourage the elasticity of the human skin and fend off and reduce the dangers of free radicals

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(which can be responsible for causing cancer by changing DNA).  The changes ignited by EGCG were not based on a hunch.  Dr. Hsu and his team compared normal skin cells to those exposed to EGCG.  The differences were remarkable.  The EGCG actually defied logic: it brought dying skin cells back to life.    

With Green Tea Botanicals, you will notice that irritation, inflammation, redness, and bumps are nonexistent.  In addition to this, when combined with sunscreen, it actually enhances the power of the SPF.  Green tea extract kills bacteria and germs, works quickly and efficiently, and leaves your skin looking and feeling cleaner and healthier.  No other products have been able to surpass Green Tea Botanicals. 

Green Tea Botanicals offers serums, moisturizers, sunscreens, exfoliators, cleansers, toners, and creams at very reasonable prices, especially when you consider all of the miraculous things that these formulas can accomplish.  The EGCG can’t penetrate beyond the first layer of skin, so everything that happens occurs on the epidermis.  As skin cells make their way to that outermost layer, they get closer to their expiration date.  It’s a vicious cycle and future waves of skin cells just repeat this process.  Green Tea Botanicals stops this process and keeps these skin cells alive and well.